Beauty Product Reviews

Flakey and Too Light

This powder is not a great one whatsoever! I used it on top of the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation and it left my face feeling heavy and lighter than before. I have an olive/neutral skin tone and definitely was not pleased with this. After awhile even if you're wearing it as a setting powder for nothing more than your concealer, it does start to look flakey and kinda dries your skin out. This powder is also not a good one for those with darker skin. Will not be purchasing this again.

It's not that bad

This definitely isn't my daily "go-to" foundation. I got it thinking it would work fine and look great, but it can be extremely sticky and dries fairly quick so blended into the skin is crucial! It gives a medium amount of coverage which is sometimes a good thing and is buildable to get a more desired coverage however after a few layers, it starts to look somewhat cakey and sinks into your pores. I've also noticed its hard to get the proper amount out of the can itself, you either get too little or too much and waste some product. Overall, I would and wouldn't recommend this foundation. It truly depends on the skin type you have when it comes to putting this foundation on; slightly pleased it does last all day and all night with a setting powder, so that's a HUGE plus!

Not the Best

I bought this brush cleaner today, thinking "E.L.F. has some really good products, so why not try the cleaner?" It smells awful for one, kind of like hairspray (not so appealing) and it doesn't really do a whole lot of cleaning, it got some of the makeup off the brushes, but overall I wasn't extremely pleased. Highly doubt I'll be buying this again.