Beauty Product Reviews

Pigmented and Stunning

Everything about this palette is beautiful, from the shades to the packaging they're in. Moonstone has easily become my favorite highlighter (if you haven't tried any BECCA products, this would be a great palette to purchase--and begin your addiction) and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the other shades as well! You can achieve such a gorgeous glow with just this palette. I think it has something for everyone and would definitely compliment a variety of skintones. Love!

A new favorite

If I could only own one shade from JS, it would by far be Androgyny. It is such a gorgeous color that I think would suit all skin tones amazingly! I hope this one is added as a permanent item and Beautylish gets more in stock because I truly believe everyone should own this liquid lipstick! If you get the chance, you should really give it a try!

Smooth and pigmented

This bronzer has become my favorite lately. I've had it a year or more and initially wasn't really feeling it (not sure why) and as of recently decided to give it a try again. Love it! The smell is so nice! It also doesn't linger if you're worried about that, you pretty much get a whiff of it as you apply and then it fades. I think it's so nice in morning when I'm doing my makeup and I smell the sweetness of chocolate! (Isn't that every girls' dream?) I also have pretty sensitive skin and I haven't had any issues with this!

A great product!

I discovered this moisturizer about two years ago at a Makeup Show where it was very highly recommended by MUA James Vincent. Upon trying a sample, I became obsessed with it! It's such a rich yet light cream that absorbs so well and overall really does a great job!


I have two of these lipsticks in the shades Kids In America and Sweet Nothing. They are SO pigmented! I was really shocked when I first applied them as I wasn't expecting light colors to have the opacity they do. I'll say that I'm not incredibly fond of the smell (smells like "older" makeup). Though I don't notice that it lingers. Definitely not a deal breaker for me, though!

Super Pigmented!

This liquid lipstick is incredibly pigmented with good longevity. Unfortunately, it does leave a stain behind on my lips even after doing my best to remove it.

So pretty!

I find myself reaching for this palette much more often than I expected. Initially when I saw it, I didn't think it was something I would get too much use out of but I love it! (The Blackberry shade is so pretty!) The shades apply really well with good pigmentation, though I do feel like the two lighter shades are a bit too "glittery" for my taste. Overall, I think this palette is so cute!

Best brow product!

By far the best eyebrow product I've tried! This product matches my brows so well (which has been difficult for me) and is pretty easy to work with. I highly suggest using it with the Anastasia #12 Duo brush. A definite staple for me!

Worth the price!

I hesitated and delayed buying this brush for months before I finally did because the cost didn't quite seem worth it to me. I now realize that 1. it's awesome and 2. I was wrong! The brush is the perfect length and angle to apply the Anastasia DipBrow (also great!), I haven't reached for any other brow brush since I bought it! If you have any doubt, I really recommend giving it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Stunning shadows!

I recommend Sugarpill to any and every one who wants highly pigmented, intense, colorful and blendable eye shadows. I own over 10 of these loose eyeshadows and each one is so stunning and beautiful. I will say that the downside to these, like any loose pigment, is that it can be messy. I've been an avid lover of Sugarpill for over two years and when it comes to bright, vivid shades, to me, they're definitely the best! Arm swatch shows Grand Tiara, Charmy, Penelope, Countess, Strangeling and Hug Life.

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