Beauty Product Reviews

Best palette of his I think!

Love this palette! I received it as a gift from my boyfriend. The colors are so beautiful and pigmented you don't have to put a whole lot of product on the brush, hardly any kickback in the pan, they blend well and are easy to apply. The possibilities are endless with this palette! Love his brand so much I am never dissapointed.

Best palette of his I think!

Love this palette! the colors are so beautiful and pigmented! I got this as a gift from my boyfriend and have been using it ever since. the possibility of colors are endless and can be used for any type of look. Very little kickback in the pan, you don't have to apply a whole lot on your brush, and they are easy to blend.

Great sponge!

I love this sponge! It is so easy to use, gentle, and soft on the face. The price point is affordable and appropriate. (less than 10 bucks!). I have used this several times since and have noticed I'm using less makeup product now! I like using it to apply my foundation and also like using it dry for powders. They are simple to wash too which makes my life easier. I will be buying more very pleased with this product!

Love the colors in this palette!

Jeffree Star always comes through when it comes to color choices! Love the palette cute design however the mirror is not easy to use bc of how heavy the palette is. The colors are pigmented, you don't need a whole lot, easy to use/apply, there is so much variety with the color range you can be extreme or very minimal. Over all I am very pleased with it...i mean its Jeffree Star I have never been dissapointed by one of his buys!

Love this!

I love this product. As soon as I saw the swatches of this color I wanted it. it is pigmented lasts long and is a very vibrant color. It drys matte, and is so beautifully matched with my fair skin. It can be kind of streaky but it is fine and won't feel too heavy if you add a second coat. Over all I am satisfied with the product and will probably reach for it quite often.

My favorite mirror!

I love this product! This color is everything! I liked the sized and it is light weight I use it every day. I love how cute it is and it is good quality. I will probably buy another one.

Was so excited for the metallics in this palette!

It arrived on time, no issues with shipping or packaging(no broken shades). The palette is nice the shades are pigmented but I do have to say they aren't near as good as the shades from Blood Sugar. I was so excited for the metallic shades in this palette and they were kind of disappointing. They had so much fall out and were hard to blend but still blendable, and also as the day went on the metallic shades would just fall off the eyes and onto the face. As far as the yellow and the blues in this palette you really have to pack them on to get the pigment, however all of the other shades very pigmented. All of the other shades are also easy to blend. Honestly though, I thought the Blood Sugar Palette performed better. Over all I am satisfied with the product but I have also been playing with it for a while before this review so I have learned the best ways to work with the shadows.

I love this bundle! And The Colors performed so well!

I absolutely love this product! I received my package on time and everything was packaged well (no broken shadows). The Lippies are amazing and the pigment is there and they go so well on the eyes (I usually use them as liners). The lippies also last a while. The shadows in the blue blood palette performed well. They are pigmented, easy to blend/apply, last a long time, the only issue I had with the colors was the shade ocean ice is a little problematic when applying as it has some fallout and kickback in the pan. I am a very satisfied customer and will probably continue to purchase his products in the future.