Microfiber Fusion Sponge


Laurie C.
This is a BIG no!

I purchased this quite a while ago and have tried and tried to make it work but this is just really bad. It is scratchy on the skin It makes a mess of everything. It does not work with powders or liquids and cleaning is a nightmare. It will not come clean. No matter what. I tried one last time to use it and clean it. I got so disgusted, I threw it away. Save your money because there are much better sponges out there.

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Lady R.
It's a no.

I'm not exactly sure what went wrong. I used it thrice before deciding to write a review. It doesn't blend well despite following the instructions, leaving my foundation blotchy. It went into the bin straight after.

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Catherine L.
Great sponge!

I love this sponge! It is so easy to use, gentle, and soft on the face. The price point is affordable and appropriate. (less than 10 bucks!). I have used this several times since and have noticed I'm using less makeup product now! I like using it to apply my foundation and also like using it dry for powders. They are simple to wash too which makes my life easier. I will be buying more very pleased with this product!

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Lisa F.
Best Makeup Sponge Ever

I recently bought the, "Glam Bag" which includes two sponges and the solid sponge/brush cleanser. I have never loved a sponge so much and the sponge cleanser is great also. I don't use near as much foundation when using this sponge and it goes on flawlessly. Also, after you use it for your foundation you can clean it and it dries pretty fast and then use it to apply your powder, blush, and bronzer. I'll never use a different makeup sponge than this one, and for $6.00 you can't go wrong!!!

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