24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse


Rachel H.
It all depends

This really doesn't do all that good on hair like mine, but it could be amazing for someone else's hair. My hair is really thick, and this mousse doesn't do much.

Jamyra P.

Tresemmé 24 hour mousse is amazing it smells so good and is really good for styling ..I use it to curl my hair and it works wonders.this a product that I will continue to buy..

Khloe A.

Really great for scrunching your hair, use it in conjunction with a blowdryer and attatched diffuser and it works wonders! Smells amazing! Ive had my bottle of this mousse for almost a year and I still have 1/4 left. I would recommend this to everyone!!!

Victoria B.
Smells great, and hair feels much thicker!

After putting the product in, and blowdrying, my hair feels thicker and looks great! I've recently switched to this as my every day hair product, because it's cheap and works like a charm! I've used other volumizing mousses before, and none have shown as much body as this!

Hasini J.
Tresemme is always great

The Fragrance: It smells very light but very fresh, like you've just washed your hair, so it's great for second-day hair.

The hold: It holds very well without making your hair look like a crispy fry. It even holds curls e.t.c. for the entire day

The consistency: It comes out in a mousse form and disappears into a small liquid if you rub it in between your palms

The packaging: It is a mousse-dispenser which you just press down to dispense the mousse, so it is easy to use. I find that the sleek design of the bottle alongside the dispenser makes it easy to apply with wet hands, which is great because it doesn't slip e.t.c

I'd definitely repurchase

Caroline CarrosBeauty E.

My bottle was broken when I bought it so that's a shame but I like the product inside, even if it's hard to get out because of the broken packaging, lol. The mousse smells sooo nice and the smell lingers in your hair for a long time. It also give much volume. I use this in my roots before blow drying my hair and then I have the most incredible volume that lasts for hours.

Emily B.
This is an amazing product!

Uv been using this mousse for about 7 months now and i am totally in love with it. I shower in the morning and scrunch some of it into my hair and just let it air-dry ( see my profile photo for how that turned out) It keeps springy curls in my hair all day and also a huge perk; it doesnt seem to be effected by the change of the weather/ seasons. Iv used this in the summer and the winter and the look always turned out the same, overall top notch product!

Barbie V.
All time fav

One of my absolute favorite mousse. I love Tresemme products in general but they did a great job with this mousse. The hold is amazing without making my hair look dry and feel crunchy. It also smells really good!

Christina T.

I really like this product because it smells good, and it doesn't clump up the hair as much as the rest do. I like the pump it has because it pumps the perfect amount out for you. I like putting some on my damp hair, but only in my roots just so when I blow dry, it can give it more volume.

Carly S.

I love this stuff. It works wonders on curly hair only a little palm full can give your entire hair a new natural look. It doesn't make your hair hard and frizzy. That is what I like most about it. It almost has some kinda oil in it as well to keep you hair long and tamed!