Beauty Product Reviews

My hair's best friend!

I love this product.... Ever since I started using it together with the shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels and looks better. I also dyed my hair red and and this product doesn't strip the color. It such a huge difference from all other products. This is a keeper for me, I don't think I need to try any other product out there. Everyone should own this.

The Best

I am someone who is always deep conditioning my hair, because I dye my hair a lot. I use a lot of different conditioners and this is the best one so far. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and it gives this cool feeling to my scalp. And I also love he scent.... So coconuty!! lol

5 stars!!

The best concealer ever!!! I wear it every day and its amazing..... I have had really bad dark circles forever (from birth) and this is a keeper for me. I definitely recommended to everybody!!

Must Have

By far the best foundation I have ever tried!.. I have been using the foundation everyday and its true to what it claims to do. I can go a whole day a night with it and my make up still looks fresh as if I had just put on. And my favorite thing about it.... It's sweat proof. I happen to be one of those persons that sweat a lot and my makeup still looks great. Definitely a MUST HAVE foundation!!