Beauty Product Reviews


I love this mascara! This one and the red one are my FAVE! It gives me long amazing thick lashes. I really do not have to wear false eyelashes cause this product is so amazing! I even got my mom hooked to it ^_^

I have these in candid coral and pink passion and I think they are great! You can easily build up the color if needed (they are nicely pigmented tho) and they are affordable!

hard to open

I love E.l.F and when I saw this I had to try it, my non waterproof liquid eyeliner just wasn't cutting it for me. The first time I had to open this thing I had to fight for my life. Maybe I got the lemon out of the bunch, but it was just so hard to open! I used it on my eyes a few times and it wasn't has pigmented and opaque as I had hoped for and no product hardly came out. Unfortunately I only tried it out for a total of 3 days, because the lid was so hard to open and close and I apparently didn't close it well enough it dried out in a matter of hours =(

These are some of my favorite lip glosses! I love them! They smell great, give your lips great shine, stay on long, and taste great! The only thing I don't like about them is they are a bit sticky but other than that I love them

Being that I am on a budget as of recently, I haven't been able to enjoy buying expensive makeup. I heard about e.l.f and especially about the eyelid primer (i had always wanted to buy one cause my eyelids can get oily). Overall it gets the job done. My eyeshadow doesn't crease and stays in place for 7 hours sometimes more. I find that you need to have eyeshadow over the product or some sort of finishing powder. When I put it on by itself and use basic eyeliner, it creases rather quickly. It also starts to crease at about the 10th hr mark for me. But for the price, its fairly good and until this economy stops kicking my rear, I will be buying it again.

Makes a look complete

Use this product in milk all the time as a base. It always makes my eyeshadow colors stand out more. It can also be used at a highlight or a accent color. All around great product. Totally a must have.

I love how minty it is!

I LOVE this lip balm. I purchased the sweet mint one and it was super minty and tingly and it made my lips feel hydrated. It was love at first swipe ^_^ However, the minty sweetness was too good cause my puppy smelled it out of my pants pocket that I left on the bed and completely ate it. The outside and inside I was crushed.