Beauty Product Reviews

pretty, but not his normal standards

I purchased this day of launch on beautylish, and got it on Sunday thanks to two-day shipping. It was well wrapped, as always.

Swatches were okay, but when I applied Glass wet with a flat brush, it crumbled in the pan which was really disappointing.

Normally this company's metallics are more blinding and don't crumble but glass wet is more of a topper shade and crumbled in the pan after barely being touched with a flat brush.

Thus far the other shades have been really nice.

I'll keep the palette mainly cause the other colors are good. This is a strictly damp brush and finger only sort of palette.

beautiful, but packaging had issues...

First impressions:

Really pigmented, I think they will need a little work to blend out, and I need to try the glitter-infused one to see if there is fall out on my face. Your Majesty basically vanishes into my skin tone, cause it’s practically the same shade as my skin, so I can see myself reaching for it a lot! I am looking forward to creating a few new looks with this. Most of the colors were true to color or were slightly darker on the skin with a finger or brush. ( attached pictures so you can see. I did one swatch with a finger, one with a brush, Wet jewel has three swatches: finger, brush, wet brush.) A few colors did leave a faint stain, even with primer and foundation under the swatches first. ( Dungeon, Bleeding Heart, & Vile Serpent. )

Issues I did have was with the packaging: It is really heavy. The mirror protector was stuck and didn't tear away cleanly, leaving pieces of it behind. I had to use tweezers to get some of it off of the mirror and there are still pieces of it stuck UNDER the purple part of the packaging which is annoying considering it's a 54 dollar palette. Also, some of the shadows had had fall out on to the packaging before I ever touched any of the shadows. The extreme wet shadows lost the stamp with just swatching, by barely tapping my finger or brush in, which made me sad since I love seeing the stamps in them.

Overall, I enjoy the palette and Jeffree as always as killed it with the colors, I'm just disappointed with the packaging issues.

Love this scrub

been using the Strawberry gum scrub for two years now, and I swear it's changed how my lips feel in general. It's just freaking awesome!

Beuaiful shadows, wish their was protective sheet over shadows in shipping.

This is my first Jeffree Star eye-shadow Palette. I have purchased his Platinum Ice highlighter palette ( which I freaking LOVE) before as well as his liquid lippies (hello Unicorn Blood which is my freaking HG reddish lippie I wear more than anything else in my collection.) and lip scrub (which I think are some of the best ever- can we say yum to Strawberry Gum?). The Beautylish packaging was amazing as always, as were the little black velvet bag with the shampoo samples that I won’t use due to allergies, but I will give them to a friend who will love them. I always love the Jeffree Star tissue paper with his tattoos on it. It’s always an event to get them in the mail. However, the palette itself was missing the protective plastic cover in between the shadows and mirror as well as the normal peel away cover for the mirror. My Mirror has literal eye shadow imprints all over it, and I just opened it. There were also smudges of Soaked and Tasty around the palette like in transit it got knocked loose and the shadows have lightly stained some of the white of the packaging which was and is a disappointment considering the cost of the palette. I cleaned up most of it with a q tip, but I just feel like, for the price, the mirror and the shadows should have had some sort of protective covering.

Now as for the shadows, going off of quick unprepared swatches with my fingers, most of these shades are really nice and buttery. The shades Cotton Candy, And What ?, Orange Juice, and Bite me, I worry will go hardpan just because they almost feel wet to the touch as if infused with some sort of oil in the formula. That being said, Bite me is one of the prettiest darn purples I have seen in a long time. Again, just from quick swatches. The shade Wow will need to be built up a bit, to get a true full yellow color but is lovely after two or three swipes. Jawbreaker I think will make a STUNNING inner eye corner highlight, and I may even pop it on my cheekbones when I want some serious freaking glow.

The three colors I feel I am going to be getting the most use out of are Snack, Jawbreaker, and Gum Drop. Snack is just such a shimmery pink shade, Jawbreaker cause it’s got a cool shift in the coloring, and Gumdrop because I love a good lilac eye shadow

The three shades I didn’t think I would like that I actually sort of love and can’t wait to play with are Brain Freeze, Orange juice and Lemon drop. They are not the normal shades I go for, but these are just so rich in the color I have to play and totally go out of my comfort zone for these.

Again just my overall first impression is: the packaging is super cute but it needed to have the protective film over the mirror and or the eye shadows in my personal opinion. The shadows seem to be very pigmented, and fun. Just from the quick swatches, I’m going to enjoy playing with these shadows and I’m glad I have them in my collection.

I was not paid for this review, and I purchased this with my own money.