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Velour Lip Scrub

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Sara G.
Addicted to these Lip Scrubs

The JSC Lip Scrubs are my favorite. I've purchased several in the last four so years. I found that Beautylish had them and had better shipping rates than JSC. This Strawberry Gum lip scrub totally rocks and smells intoxicatingly amazing.

Meagan M.
Best scrub

Nothing has ever made my lips feel so soft smooth and plump! I have had a problem with horrible chapped lips so I bought this product and all I can say is I'm very obsessed!

Serena H.

I am not really a fan and def won’t buy again. Sure it taste good and smells good but that’s about it for me. The scrub is too harsh. I used it about 30 minutes ago and I still feel the roughness on my lips. I should look in the mirror to make sure my lip is still there. Anyways, there are much better and gentler scrubs out there. 1 star for smell and 1 star for taste. 👎🏾

Karen L.
Don’t do it!

I was excited to try this product, however, it was dry-dry-dry! The smell was great, but it was hard and I do not see how anyone can use this on their lips and still have skin on their lips. Also, it did not taste bad but it was not good either.

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Elaynne  S.
Not going to lie a ate most of it..
Photo of product included with review by Elaynne  S.

Absolutely works. I have been looking for a lip scrub that would accommodate my sensitive dry lips. And believe me this works and a little goes a long long way. I felt and saw immediate results. I use a little in the morning before applying my makeup and a little after washing and removing my makeup. This lip scrub is now a very important step in my daily beauty routine. And the best part is its harmless if ingested.

Rachel D.

I love this lip scrub! Not only is it delicious, but the product itself is amazing! I can't believe it's vegan and edible! I've bought other lip scrubs before and even attempted to make my own, but none compare to this! I remember one lip scrub I bought from TARTE tasted awful and left this weird film on my lips and super dried out my lips, though that's to be expected from scrubbing your skin. I feel like this product hydrates my lips while making them look plump and lipstick ready. I use this any time I apply a liquid lipstick. You also get a lot of product for the price! Definitely will be repurchasing once I run out.

Melissa R.

the feel of it is nice and the color pops really well i will like to get more. i will buy again for the items again

Perla P.
Yummy 🍓❤🍓

This is my very 1st Jeffree Star lip scrub & WOW!! IT'S AMAZING!! First of all, it smells delicious! Exactly like strawberry gum. Second & most important, the quality & performance. That to was AMAZING! I love that the grains of sugar aren't huge, they are the perfect size. A little goes a long way. After removing the scrub, it left my lips refreshed & moisturized ❤ I have several lip scrubs & I have to add a lip balm after using mostly all of them. I didn't need to do that with this one. My lips started moist 💋 I can't wait to build my lip scrub collection ❤❤❤❤❤

Brittany S.

I love Jeffree Stars' lip scrubs. They always leave my lips feeling super soft and I love the way they taste!

Gena G.
The best

These were actually the whole reason I wanted to order jeffree star makeup. They are reasonably priced and they smell amazing. Smells just like strawberry gum from my childhood. It is a course scrub and it was a little drier than I expected, but it does a fantastic job.