Beauty Product Reviews


I have never been much of a fan when it came to loose eyeshadow but this really and absolutely "pure magic"! The color didn't seem pretty interesting at first but when I tried it on I was amazed. It might seem like a simple shimmering white but as you apply it, it gets this amazing gold reflex and when the sun shines on your makeup the effect is breathtaking. I love love love love x10000 this product!

Love it!

Lime Crime has been kind enough to send me all of the 7 eyeliners but I have to say my absolutely favorite one is Quill. I just love how it's not matte like most eyeliners, it's got some polish to it and gives the whole look a nice twist. I never had problems with it melting because of heat or sweat...and trust me it gets really hot here. I actually have trouble taking it off...I have to wash my eyes two times to get it off xD