Lime Crime Makeup

NYMPH magic dust eyeshadow


Tani H.

I did not have high hopes when I was given this product, and I regret not trying it immediately. It appears to just be a shimmering white color. But it applies with stunning gold tones that reflect light beautifully!!! I love it on my brow bone, inner corners,under lighter shades of shadows, and I occasionally use it as a highlight on my cheek bones. Doesn't crease.. It. Is. Incredible!!! Love it so much :)

Alexandra M.

I have never been much of a fan when it came to loose eyeshadow but this really and absolutely "pure magic"! The color didn't seem pretty interesting at first but when I tried it on I was amazed. It might seem like a simple shimmering white but as you apply it, it gets this amazing gold reflex and when the sun shines on your makeup the effect is breathtaking. I love love love love x10000 this product!