Best Contour Kits


You may not know it, but on some level, all makeup applications involve contouring. Sure, the technique can seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. The idea is that you’re using specific makeup to help enhance your natural features—that’s really it. (For detailed tips, read this guide on how to learn to contour.) The good news is, you don’t need a lot of product to get subtle definition. With a little bit of practice and the right tools at hand, you’ll be ready to contour in confidence. Here are some of our favorite kits that’ll help you get the job done!  

RCMA Makeup Highlight and Contouring Palette

$30 | shop it

If you’re not familiar with RCMA, the one thing you need to know about the brand is that the products—designed for pros—are probably unlike anything you’ve used before. That is, they’re super pigmented, so a little (seriously a little!) goes a long way. This five-color foundation palette has a wide range of shades, so pretty much anyone will be able to custom-blend ideal contour and highlight shades. (For more info on how to use RCMA’s foundations, read this.) 

Too Faced Natural Face Palette

$ 39 | shop it

Out of the three, this palette is probably the best bet for novices. It has everything you could possibly want or need to create a pretty, subtle contoured look. Inside are six essentials—luminizer, brightener, concealer, cream and powder blushes, and bronzer. And the how-to guides included in the kit guide you step-by-step through application for different looks. Love that!

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

$65 | shop it

This bronzer-highlighter duo isn’t just gorgeous to look at—it’s one of our all-time favorite contouring kits. Why? The intensely pigmented, smooth-as-silk formulas work on any skin tone. The bronzer isn’t too red or orange, it’s just right, and the highlighter gives such a soft soft glow, with just the tiniest hint of shimmer. For the ultimate application, try it with the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush