Beauty Product Reviews

quickly becomes my sign scent!

i always love Juicy Couture! but idk why i always hate their fragrances........... oh, until i met this little pretty thing! i really don't like the couture couture one! it smells so weird and gives me a headache really. neither liking the original juicy couture perfume. but the Viva La Juicy smells AMAZING! it's sweet yet fresh (which the scent i usually go for). i like it so so much! oh, and 4 thumbs up for the glamorous packaging.

really do like the RSVP, but my eyeshadow still creases with this. i want to try other colors tho. i think it still needs a light layer of primer underneath the cream shadow.

super creamy

i really do like it. i got the lil sample size one from the To Go set. i wasnt really interested in it, but turned out liking it so much. the kit only comes with the medium shade and it compliments my skin tone pretty well. i really like how its creamy and easy to blend (: