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  • A Glimpse Into The Chriselle Factor

    A Glimpse Into The Chriselle Factor

    She’s a fashion stylist, YouTube guru, and Style Director at the glossy fashion magazine “Genlux.” Beautylish chats with Chriselle Lim—the gorgeous face behind The Chriselle Factor—about pink lipstick, her signature waves, and matching your makeup to your outfit.

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  • Eye Liner Techniques

    Eye Liner Techniques

    There are many ways to apply your eye liner and we've picked these tutorials that can help you create different dramatic eye shapes!

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  • Need to Wake Up?

    Need to Wake Up?

    With the world moving at a faster pace almost every day, it doesn't pay to look tired when you wake up in the morning! Luckily, there are certain beauty products that can help energize your face and body.

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  • Back to School Makeup

    Back to School Makeup

    It's that time of year and I know it can be stressful to figure out what you want to do on the first day! These Beautylish Beauties show us three easy ways to look fresh on the first day of school.

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  • What Are Those Bumps on Your Arms?

    What Are Those Bumps on Your Arms?

    Finding small raised bumps on the backs of your upper arms? We wondered about these mystery spots were too, so we spoke to dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross about what they are and how to get rid of them.

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  • Back To School Survival Kit
    • 1919

    Back To School Survival Kit

    The first day of school can be daunting, so what to do when something goes awry during a busy school day? Here's our back to school beauty checklist so you can make sure you're prepared for any classroom beauty emergency.

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