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Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect Mauve!

This is what you call mauve plummy shade. It's so unique and different! I do have five shades from JS. Celebrity skin, Red Rum, Masochist, Dominatrix, and this one. ALL of them apply so smooth and they feel like nothing on the lips. It really does last until you take it off unless you pig out on fast food. I'm waiting for doll parts and unicorn blood ahem ahem

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Long lasting and black like darkness

... Also, you will spend about 15 minutes taking all of this off. But dang, this will make your eyeliner last through deep sad crying moments. It is super dark, and by dark, I mean jet black. Also since this is in a little tub, every time you open it, it will dry up slightly. My solution to this is, using their duraline by the same Inglot brand and drop a sucker into that pot and voila, it is good as new!

Wow!!!!!! I seriously love this

Really though, I wasn't expecting the formula to be this awesome. Literally feels like nothing, but girl, GIRL, does it last. Of course if you eat greasy stuff it will migrate and feather but if you eat healthy good girl foods such as a subway sandwich, it will live on your lips forever. Ugh just look at how gorgeous this red lippie is. Give me masochist and androgyny, like now, right now :(

Pleasantly surprised!!!!!

I got this for free with my order from beautylish and I am being serious when I say I had so much fun using this. It is so easy and it looks so darn natural! Perfect color, it is a taupe color perfect for light to medium hair!

Just plain amazing.

I have seven of this and I can't stop buying them. My latest purchase is the chihuahua. I have the WORST time finding a nice nude lipstick and were either too nude or too orange! I knew I needed a hint of pink and this is SO LITERALLY perfect. My other nude lipsticks are Mac faux and UD naked but this chihuahua is just so cute and feels amazing on the lips. And it lasts so long! Honestly this is my MLBB color. I put it on and was just like YAAAAAAAS!!!!!