Sonia G.

(Retired) Keyaki Brush Set

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Bianca T.
Perfect for travel!

This purchase was my introduction to SG and i fell immediately for the soft, functional and gorgeous brushes. I love the beauty and functionality of this set.

Marjolein M.
Love this set so much!

The older I get the more I love short handles as the distance between me and the mirror decreases every year I age. When I use long handle brushes I sometimes poke the mirror. They're also very handy when you're traveling. This set is beautiful. Love the dark brown wooden handles.

And as always I was surprised by the brushes Sonia manufactured. I thought I would not like the powder brush. That it would be flimsy. I was so wrong. LOVE that brush. It is such a great face brush. I wish she would bring it out in a single version. It is so versatile and so soft. You can used it for powder, blush, bronzer. The small round brush I love for cream/liquid bronzer. Eye brushes are the same ones as in the sky set but I love to have an undyed version of the jumbo blender and the mini booster now. Only the flat definer I'm not a big fan of. I'prefer a pointed round brush for lining/precise application.

Deborah A.
Love them but needed a solution to carry them in my bag
Photo of product included with review by Deborah A.
Photo of product included with review by Deborah A.

I bought the Sonia G Keyaki set ages ago but they have just been sitting on my vanity because I wanted to keep them in my handbag but didn’t know what to put them in. All the brush pouches I had were for taller brushes and it seemed like that made the small size of the brush pointless. So I asked someone on a local handmade page to make me a custom sized one. I just got it today and it’s great! It also fits my inglot palette which hold a full face for me. I decant cinema secrets foundation into a inglot eyeshadow and and use that for foundation/concealer, it also has powder, a blush and a few eyeshadows. I love how it’s Japanese themed too ❤️

Lera G.
Diese Pinsel machen Lust auf mehr!

Ich war sehr lange sehr skeptisch, ob man tatsächlich so viel Geld für die Pinsel ausgeben soll. Dieses Set war ein Probelauf und hat mich überzeugt. Ich habe nun weitere Pinsel von Sonja bestellt. Natürlich, alles zu sehr gehuped aber wenn man sich was gönnen mag, warum denn nicht die guten japanischen Pinsel! Ich freue mich, dass ich sie habe.

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Alina P.
Very useful

Like them a lot. Especially on the go. 3 eyebrushes are 100% enough to make an eyelook. Face brushes are also great. I am more than OK with a size. They are not too small for me. Absolutely recommend.

Barbara L.

I recently purchased the keyaki brush set and I truly wish I had bought it sooner. I have small Asian monolids and couldn’t find a brush that suited the shape of my eyes. They were either too big, too dense, too fluffy,... But this set is everything I was looking for.

The mini booster has the perfect shape and length of bristles to easily apply eyeshadow. At first glance I thought the jumbo blender was way too big, but it is in fact really easy for blending and softening. The flat definer is the only brush I probably won’t use that much, as I usually just put eyeliner in my waterline. The mini base is heaven. I love RMS and NARS products, but they are quite hard to pick up. Especially the RMS uncover up concealer and foundation is hard to diffuse. You have to put it on with your fingers which I don’t really like. But the mini base just makes the application so, so smooth and easy. I am so happy that I have found a perfect brush that I can use to put on concealer. It also works perfectly to put on cream blush, bronzer and it even has the right size to apply highlighter. I tried all of these applications and the result was just flawless. The classic face I particularly like for an airbrushed finish of bronzer and blush. Perfect in summer time.

I read some reviews about the size of the brushes. I don’t have any problem whatsoever with the size. Although this is a travel set, I will definitely use these brushes in my everyday make up routine. I have small hands, maybe that’s why I don’t mind the size lol. The website clearly mentions the measurements, so I don’t really understand how you can be surprised by the size of brushes.

Esthetically, I think this set is the most beautiful one of the entire Sonia G collection. The handles are just so beautiful and refined. The wooden handles are stunning and have a good grip. Definitely not too small in my opinion.

Very happy with my purchase!

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Shari M.
Superb brush set!

I bought this set months ago and totally forgot about it until Kinkysweat (Alicia Archer) mentioned it in a video I was watching. So, I pulled it out and that Mini Base is fabulous! I'd been using an Hourglass concealer brush for over a year and thought it was fine, but when I used the Mini Base to blend out my concealer, I was amazed at the softness and the quickness of the blend. I love that brush so much that I decided to grab Sonia G's Fusion set (and I really don't NEED anymore brushes). I cannot wait for it to arrive. I only wish some of these brushes were sold separately so I could grab extras of those I use most often.

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Shelley Z.
Travel Must-Haves

I wish these brushes could be sold individually - I would buy the face brushes 3 times over! The short handles were crucial in me packing them safely into my Units 802 small PVC bag for my last trip, and the brushes worked wonderfully for setting, blush, contour, and buffing, no matter the formula. So versatile!

The eye brushes are all right. I wish they included a pencil brush instead of these.

Haemy C.
Quality brushes, great if you don't mind the short handles

I think this is a versatile set that gives you enough tools to do face and eyes. The mini base is great for foundation and creams. It applies the foundation evenly and gives a lighter coverage than maybe a denser brush. I liked it since I was using a denser brush and found my foundation was looking cakey. The classic face is a nice powder brush. I don't really use a lot of powder, so I mainly use it for blush. I like how it blends beautifully. The other three eye brushes are great to have if you like doing the traditional(?) gradient eye look (a darker outer v, with brightened inner corner and all over lid color). I like that the eye brushes are undyed so you can use with creams too. The brushes are all very soft. I see that the shorter handles was not received well but I personally don't mind it. I would gladly take the shorter handles if that means the price point is lowered and I can get more brushes (I hate pricing quality items but I ain't independently wealthy so). I think this is a great set to try if you're new to Sonia G and want a set that can do full face and eyes. They are some of my favorite brushes I own aside from the Sonia G fan brushes I love for contour.

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Carlyn R.
Unique and adorable.

I love Sonia G brushes. I honestly haven't bought any other brands other than a few Wayne Goss brushes since Sonia launched her line. I haven't needed to. These brushes are quite different from the other sets, I love the wooden handles so much. They are perfect for traveling, but I don't dare take my Sonia G brushes out of my bedroom for fear of losing them. As always, each brush works beautifully, it's always a joy to use them. I would love more brushes with a longer version of this wooden handle.

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