Beauty Product Reviews

It's a steal!

I really liked this product. Seeing that it was only $5-6 at wal-mart and it definitely did the job I am very pleased. I have seen a few people from people who weren't very impressed and I think it could be because they aren't following the instructions to a tee. Because when I tried it I was using my own brush and i think i tried putting the liquid on my eye first then the glitter found that these were both no-nos. First off the little synthetic brush they give you works with it very well and you must dip the brush in the product first then pick up the glitter and apply it carefully. It stayed on all night for me and hardly had any fallout. (There was a little but barely noticeable) also when I applied it it didn't smudge the eyeshadow I had underneath the glitter, didn't crease, nothing bad happened. VERY IMPRESSED!!

I love these

I feel like maybelline is definitely stepping up there game with all the new "Studio" products they have. These are wonderful. You can use them as a base or on their own. As a cream eyeshadow they don't crease, even without setting it with a powder product, and they stay all day (hence the 24 hour claim, which it lives up to!). I love this product and hope it does not get discontinued and I hope they come out with more shades, cause they are a great cheaper alternative to paint pots from MAC!


I use these as a colour base every time I do a look and I love them. They are very creamy, Great colour pay off, blend nicely and helps keep eyeshadows in place. They are just Great!


I tried to get my hands on these for a while after hearing great things about them. I must say in Toronto they were very hard to find. Either sold out or not carrie. But I finally found them and am in love! They are smooth, smell good enough to eat and make my lips soft as ever. I carry one in every purse and keep one in my bathroom. Such a wonderful product. AND ITS ECO FRIENDLY!!!


My new FAVORITE concealer! I first heard about this concealer here on beautylish in the talk section, someone recommended it and showed a before and after using the product, and it look really good. I couldn't believe that a cheaper brand concealer had that great amount of coverage and looked very creamy. So I decided I should go to WAL-MART and pick myself up a tube. When I got there the first sign that this product had a chance to be amazing: there was only one left on the shelf ( luckily in my colour) I got home and tried this; OMG! It is amazing. And the price (5.98) totally worth it. I am so glad I picked this up, its my new favourite, covers my under eye circles perfectly and blemishes too. I'm in love <3 =D