Beauty Product Reviews

This eyeshadow palette is great quality for the price!

I'm a huge Viseart fan, but I dislike their shimmer shadows so I was excited to receive a Make-Up Atelier palette in my Beautylish Lucky Bag with a palette that is mostly shimmers (4 out of 5 shades are shimmers; 1 is matte).

I have the Natural Brown palette and these shadows are stunning! The shadows have a gorgeous subtle shimmer so if you're looking for something really reflective and metallic, your shadows are in another palette (ha). These are incredibly beautiful on the lid and they blend even better than (dare I say) my Viseart shadows. They're an absolute pleasure to work with. I would love to get more of these once I decide on other colors!

One pointer about the palette I got specifically: the dark blackish shade on the end... It's pretty far from black. In fact, it's very grey, but that doesn't bug me. If that's a thing that rubs you the wrong way, be warned.

Be careful when applying!

This is a beautiful color of bronzer! Just be careful with how you apply it because it's very easy to apply too much and look unnatural as hell. If you use a fluffy brush with a light hand, it looks stunning. Also, the color is beautiful! Think more golden brown than orange and I truly think it is a universally flattering bronze since it can build really well. While pricey, you get a lot of product for your money. As in, you proportionally get more product in this container than any other Chanel purchase I've made. It'll last a long time so buy it!

Expensive but worth it!

I bought this after really liking the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation; while I still prefer that formula, this foundation is pretty awesome in of itself. I have combination/normal skin for the record.

PROS: - it's long lasting - it has a wide range of coverage; if you use a foundation brush, it's a light to medium coverage and if you use the sponge that comes with it, it becomes more of a medium to full coverage. - the formula is really buildable to your liking (as touched on in my last point). - the case it comes in is so pretty and quite sturdy. the provided mirror is a pretty decent size for a compact, so that's nice. - SPF! need I say more? - it's water based foundation and is really nice because it doesn't cause breakouts. yay!

CONS: - the lid to keep the product fresh inside the compact is a bit tricky to close because I can never tell if it's really shut or not. you have to push pretty hard down on it and hope for the best because it doesn't make a snapping noise. - it is weak as a base foundation. I like to use it for touch ups on top of the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation throughout the day; it works really well for this purpose. - you definitely have to go to a counter to be matched; if you have the VA foundation though, the shades are consistent. - the price is a bit much.

Overall, this does have a place in my routine and I would certainly buy it again. It makes my skin look clear and dewy plus it covers up blemishes and dark circles well.

This is easily my favorite lipstick ever.

I love the texture of this lipstick. It glides right on your lips without any need for prior moisturizing. It comes off when you drink/eat, but otherwise, it stays pretty well. I can go maybe 6-8 hours without reapplying. My favorite color, Audace, fades into a really pretty stain even if you don't reapply. It is expensive, but it's lasted me a pretty good while thus far, so I can't complain. I love this lipstick!