Beauty Product Reviews favorite drugstore lipstick brand!! they have so many beautiful shades. my fav color that i've used for years is Airy Fairy! I also like Asia. They are at a great price for great quality and long lasting too. I definitely stock up on these. It goes well with most colored women skin tone. I also wear this in almost all my makeup tutorial.

I love this lid primer! This is what I use daily and in all of my makeup tutorials. It lasts long and stays light and non greasy. great too, when you take doesn't reflect of the camera lighting looking grey or pastey..smooth and bright. I sometime, use it to conceal my dark circles. But it keeps my shadow on perfectly throughout the day!

omg i love this! It gives my lashes great volume and fullness! No wonder it's called falsie! It sure looks likeit but it isn't. The magic is in the mascara! I always use this mascara! it's my absolute favorite and you'll see it in almost all my video tutorials!