Beauty Product Reviews

Why have I never used this before?!

This brush cleaner is FABULOUS! I don't have to work the hairs as hard to get the color out; the formula itself seems to dissolve makeup -even gel liner, lipstick and glue- without being harsh on your brush. The orange oil gives a pleasant smell and it seems to condition them, leaving my brushes looking shiny and new! I spray a bit on a towel and polish the entire brush- it makes them look so fresh! The Little jar also helps reduce waste, and the mesh liner helps get the color out. I can't believe how little I used!

One warning- this is an oil based cleanser, so the brushes feel dry before they truly are.

Smells Great & Feels Clean, A Bit Over-Priced

I hate using Hand creams- Call me finicky but wearing them makes my feel like my hands can't breathe. Most hand creams I end up washing off in about 5 minutes because I just can't take it anymore. This sucks right into my skin and leaves my hands feeling hydrated and clean, and smelling a little bit like buttercream frosting. The fact that it also has a lip balm is a bonus, though I prefer other lip balms. The only downside is it's really pricey. Overall I really like it and would consider buying it when I run out.

Light-Medium Coverage + Satin Finish =Flawless skin!

This is one of the staples in my kit & my own stash! I feel it really improves the appearance of your skin's texture without looking too dewy or too matte. It's great as a finishing powder over liquid foundation or concealer. When I wear this alone I get compliments on my skin like crazy. Holy Grail for me!

I was a little hesitant about trying this since most mascaras smudge on me in less than an hour (thanks oily eyelids). Happily this doesn't smudge or flake on me, and I love that it's carbon-black. If it was a bit wetter for application it would be a holy-grail for me, though the drier texture is probably why it doesn't smudge!