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May 21, 2014

Airemix A.

Yea I do. I always wondered why people were snotty to me, then I was told about my bitchy resting face! Haha.

Jul 19, 2013

Bekah W.

My resting face is constantly met with "why do you look so sad?" or "are you feeling alright" and my favorite "what time did you go to bed last night?!?!" THIS IS MY FACE LEAVE ME ALONE >.< as I sob and weep in a corner.

Jul 17, 2013

Ashley D.

Lol love this guy so going to subscribe him on youtube!!

Jul 16, 2013

Alicia M.

LMFAO!!. Dam my boy you made me fucken laugh. Yup same here I have the same problem sometimes at work people ask "are you having a bad day?" Or "smile y so serious?" Lol sometimes when they just get me off I just feel like bitching at them so my face would match my attitude lol :-)))

Jul 15, 2013

April G.

My friend said that when she first met me she thought I was going to be a bitch because I looked pissed. And my bro is always asking what's wrong and I snap out of it and say oh nothing XD.

Jul 15, 2013

Bryanne E.

I have almond shaped eyes so with my straight normal facial expression I definitely look like I'm going to kill someone or I've been mad for all my life! I could be in the greatest mood and people still think I'm mad! My example is shown in the picture.

Jul 15, 2013

Yesenia M.

Lol this one guys said that everytime I would walk to my 3rd period class it looked like I wanted to fight someone!

Jul 14, 2013

Elina P.

Bwaahahaha! "Bitchy Resting Face" HAS to be added to the dictionary! Thank you for putting a name to something that I have, evidently been suffering from since high school! (couple of girls, during dance, and high school musicals, told me that they thought I was a complete bitch, just because of the look on my face, until actually talking to me. That compiled with the fact that I was the darkest english speaking thing they had encountered that wasn't mowing their parents lawns, cleaning their rooms, and changing their diapers from birth!) I thought I was the only one! Although sometimes, you are surrounded by stupid people, and even if your voice doesn't your face just screams it!! I have to say this is my new phrase, and I will be using it often. I may even start a support group, of course you won't be able to tell if we are enjoying the meeting or not...

Jul 14, 2013

Charlotte S.

Yesterday I was getting my hair done and the shampoo guy was like "smile! Your getting your hair done!" But I was truly happy hahaha.

Jul 14, 2013

Ariana M.

Loads of people thinks I'm mad at them or strangers think I don't like them. And since I have that face people have told me that there first impression of me was bitchy! Then they're like oh since I got talking to you and all youre actually quite nice LOL.

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