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Best Sharpener

So, you'd think a sharpener is a sharpener right? NOPE! This gives lip pencils the sharpest point. I've never seen anything like it - its outstanding! I have 6 of these, amazing.

Just perfect

My favourite palette by far. Black is the most universal colour for makeup. To add to the lash line for the blackest lashes. Tight Line for the upper waterline. And used to smoke up any eye look for a smokey eye. While fallen angel contains a 'near' black this palette does offer a more beautiful matte black. I like to think of this platte as the Tom Ford 'cocoa mirage' mixed with 'tom ford titanium smoke'. The bar of gold is so much nicer pressed. The pink pops out of the gold making it GORGEOUS :)

This really is no joke

Once a week. Honestly. No more. Its too strong. 10 minutes, once a week and your skin will GLOW. You can immediately feel the difference and see. Takes away dead skin cells, smoother brighter skin. But once a week only. Daily use will cause a whole host of issues.

Every Other Day ...

I use this every other day. I'm carefully now with everything exfoliating. Every other day. This keeps breakouts at bay. Good for pigment issues and those with rosacea...


At 2% with a new form of retinoid - this works without the irritation! I use mine every other night, with excellent results. A few drops means this product will last MONTHS.


An excellent primer, particularly for those that are older. Gives a more 'dewy' finish but really helps stop making shifting into lines. Its basic but advanced. And the price...!

Have you seen the size...

When was the last time you bought a product, for the face, that isn't a cleanser that contained this much product?! For this price! This is EVERYTHING. Correct pH. It exfoliates gently. Honestly, its perfect!

Truly what it says on the tin

This is truly one of the first foundation/concealers that lives up to its name. Its FULL coverage. Really does work as a foundation or concealer. The fact that your'e getting a HUGE amount of product if using as a concealer makes this affordable if you're looking at it that way. Most congealers have 2-5 ml of product! Its really amazing

I have all three!

So, i have all three, obviously - along with Charlotte Tilbury i carry no other bronzers. These are actual bronzers. Unlike some that make you look like the sun attacked you - these make you look beautiful. Natural. Like you.

There are the ones you REALLY need...

Ok, So, Cocoa Mirage, Honeymoon (OMG!), Titanium Smoke - IS AMAZING, Golden Mink and seductive rose. The rest are great, but these are amazing!

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