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Jun 09, 2013

Heather H.

Working retail myself, I totally understand the "bad day" thing. But what I hate most, is putting someone at the makeup counter who has no interest ("it's just a job") or has no clue! Frustrates the bijesues outta me!

Jun 08, 2013

F M.

Lol! Your so funny bro!
Once me and my best friend walk into a mac store, all the staff were dressed up in black, spiky, gothic clothing and were sporting wild and wacky hair and makeup.

I was looking through some cream blush and turned around to check it out, coincidently one of the staff was charging 'at me' (they were actually walking to a near by counter), my body reacted before my brain. I shrieked at the top of my lungs and dashed out of the store. My friend later clarified that they hadn't even been running let alone at me.
I felt really bad after, but I am yet to walk into another mac store since!

Jun 08, 2013

Bess R.

Loved this video. You are spot on with everything. I worked on counters for years and loved it all. But everybody has bad days and a little understanding goes a long way. I've made some great friends at the counter; people I will never ever forget! Thank you for your refreshing attitude and practical suggestions!