Marilyn Monroe Pin-Up Make-Up (by Kandee Johnson)

  • Added Nov 20, 2010

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Jan 01, 2013

Loren B.

What a great fun video. I studied Marilyn photos in my teens for the secrets to her look!! Still classic I haven't needed to change that look much in years. Try a dab of finely milled gold glitter in what I call the 'pout zone' ie center lower lip. I love how much fun you have in sharing your pixie-like enthusiasm and look forward to more videos. Who knows maybe I'll put up a video for the mature PTA look. Lol. 

Nov 29, 2012

Lane H.

Watching you reminds of a scene from "Pretty In Pink" involving Annie Potts character. You even look a little like her...very wonderful turorial. I had to wing it on my own for my halloween makeup this year. I was a "Naughty Professor", and Marilyn Monroe pin-up look was the inspiration for my make-up.

Nov 23, 2010

Romee H.

love yellow nail polish <3