Hard Candy

Kaleyedescope Eye Shadow Duo


No Longer Available D.
Day Dream & High Maintenance
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I love the 2 baked eyeshadows that I have! They are really great! You can use these dry or wet. But I highly recommend you use these wet for more intense color. They can be messy when using them dry, but that doesn't bother me because a little clean up is all you need! The pigmentation is great either dry or wet. If you use these dry, I suggest you use a sticky base. They are long lasting if you use them with a great primer or base! Because these are baked they will last you a really long time!

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Victoria D.
Not bad!

Not bad for a drugstore mineralized duo! I like to use the shades wet, I feel like they come out so much more vibrant and gorgeous. It helps to set it with a dry layer of the same color as well! Pigmentation is there when its wet, but dry, it can be iffy depending on the shade. Gorgeous colors in the collection!

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Emily M.
in love with this color!

I LOVE love love these colors! I'm not sure about the others, haven't gotten around to trying them yet, but I grab for High Maintenance pretty much every day. The lighter color looks fabulous with my skin tone, has good color payoff, gorgeous metallic tan sheen, and stays all day. And cheap! Hello, total favorite!

Holly K.
Really like it

I have the one called peace. It has a sort of light shimmery gold and a dark shimmery brown. I love using this for an easy look for work or school. For school I use them dry because I don't want the colors to be very dark. I want something that defines my eyes with a subtle shimmer. For work I like to be a little more opaque do I use them wet and then the colors pop! The only thing I don't like about these is that whenever u have to use them wet I have to use a very small brush in order to control where the color is. A plus on using these wet is that since they're a baked shadow you can wet the actual eye shadow in the pan and it won't ruin it! :) I really like this eyeshadow duo.

They are a little difficult to apply though. If I decide to use this I have to make sure that I leave my foundation for last so that I can clean up fallout and around the edges of my eyes.

Kaitlin J.
Love the color!

This eye shadow is amazing! It has excellent payoff, very vibrant, love the shimmer and great at blending. I've had mine for quite some time now and I still have yet to make a dent in the product. You get a lot of amazing product for pretty cheap, how awesome is that!?

Angelina M.

I would have to say that the Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Eye Shadow Duo Collection is amazing. They are very pretty colors, they go on smothe. They blend very well. They are pigmented very well not to intense yet not no little either. This eyeshadow is very light weight on the eyelid. The color lasts all day with very little color fading. These eyeshadows are amazing for the price and can stand up with other products.

Emily K.
Beautiful Sheen

I just love Hard Candy e/s. They are my second fave after NYX. It's around $6 in the States, 7 in Canada. The shadow is packed into a dome shape so there's a lot, like 4.5g. Light shade is a gorgeous peachy bronzy champagne while the dark shade is a deep smokey bronze. They are pearlescent and have a beautiful sheen to them that I luuuuuv I'm gonna try out the other colours for sure :)

Caroline G.
Teal Glow

I loved it as soon as I saw it! The colors just spoke to me. I'm into teal. I used it the first couple of times with out primer and was slightly disappointed but then I started using primer again and it was amazing. The softer teal/gold color never faded and it also blended much better. It was a steal for the price. A must have for this season's hottest color!

Holly I.

Another one of my favourites this month, i have the Hard Candy baked eyeshadow in Peach and it's gorgeous! I use this on a day to day basis and i love it! It's nicely pigmented and it's also soo nice to apply. Deffinately will be purchasing more.

Raychel C.

I bought one of these duos about 4 months ago in 060 Break Up and it has been great for me! After I used Break Up once I went back to the store and got two more. I will warn you, if you aren't into shimmer or frost shadows then stay away from these. They aren't very pigmented when applying with a brush but, if you use your finger or dampen the brush they are a breeze to apply and blend. Long lasting, no creasing, and stays vibrant all day.