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Nov 21, 2011

Krianne T.

i completely understand where you are coming from. i initially became a vegetarian to lose weight (lost 40 pounds) but then i looked into the videos of inhuman animal slaughter (cause i knew about PETA and their cause i just wanted to know what the big deal was about) and i was absolutely SHOCKED and beside my self by watching those horrific videos of baby cattle being beaten and infant pigs having ther genitalia cut off with razors w/o pain killers and their tails cut off with pliers and the cows being beaten with crow bars and having their tails broken in several places and cut off...........and the images from the chicken was just too that also became a part of my cause fro being a vegetarian. i never went through a phase where i was pressuring people to look at the videos but if a person does ask me why i am a vegetarian i do tell them and add way more detail than i did above and provide them the web sites if they wish to view it for themselves. I also understand the dehumanizing treatment that you were speaking of in your video on the way others are so simple minded to where they just cant grasp or even come to an understanding of why a person would want to go vegetarian. i have come to realize (and just accept) the fact that society has so deeply ingrained our reliability on meat that (until further notice) most people will be ignorant on the true physical,mental, and moral value on eliminating meat from your diet. Little do people know but humans are natural herbivores so we really in REALITY dont need meat....we dont even need milk after the age of 5 (and we dont need animal milk period). so when until people take the time out of their day to learn something different from what they have known their whole lives and accept it........they will be the ones fooled.