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TAG: My Perfect Imperfections

  • Added Jun 21, 2011

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I've seen several vids from youtubers with this tag and I have to say that watching them really is encouraging because you get to see these beauty gurus and people you admire have things about themselves that they rather not have. Personally, it makes me feel silly about what I don't like about me and encouraged that other people feel the same. It not weird that you like being short. I wish more people did. I'm only 4'10" and I grew up HATING it...but I love it now. =) Life would just be awkward if I wasn't me.

Absolutely! Comparing yourself to celebs is crazy because they DO have all those people and resources at their disposal. Thank you for sharing! 

Dec 18, 2011

Heather H.

That's the exact reason I did the tag, because I wanted to show that the issues we have with our bodies can be pretty silly and mostly an issue with our self-image.

Pocket people for the win!! ;)