Beauty Product Reviews

Glitter that really sparks

I got a sample and tried it immediately. Just drop a little and notice how this stuff really shines! Dip some more over any eyeshadow and instant dramatic sparks will make a statement. I can't wait to get some more. ♥

Pure colour and Moisture

I found Portland Black Lipstick Company while lurking for alternatives to Illamasqua's Disciple shade. I got Black and Indigo Bridge Lipsticks and a sample of their awesome lip shade called Difficult Island. They smell very good, like mint and are very pigmented colours and they run softly on the lips. These are not your typical dry lip makers, but instead it's about moisturizing colour! Oh, did I mention how affordable these are?

Indigo Bridge is a very long lasting shade with hues of black blue and even purple. Black is quite glossy, like patent leather I'd suggest. This shade would look much more sophisticated using a black lip pencil to line the lips before the actual lipstick application (better to do it with a lip brush).

You can read my complete review (with swatches and more) on my blog:

Magical when worn wet

A gorgeous colour on the package but it doesn't last long on the skin, even over Urban Decay primer. When you blend it, the sparkly finish to it disappears, leaving a matte grayish purple. Lasts a bit longer and looks brighter (showing the aqua hues) when worn wet.

Fun on a budget

I own this product in Super Nova (Purple). The dry application of this product blends very well but it doesn't show off the glitter in it, but rather a pretty silky finish. For a nice colour pay-off when applying it dry I suggest using an eye primer prior to application. It will hold it in place since it tends to fall-out. The wet application lasts longer (even in a hot/humid tropical weather) and the colour is the same you see in the package (glitter included). Wet or dry this product works best with a brush. I love using dry and wet applications at the same time to create different effects. I will definitely buy other shades of this product.