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Lauren T.
Highly pigmented, unique lip colors

I've tried Artificial Amethyst, Bad Penny, Black, Black Lagoon, Chaiborg, Difficult Island, Indigo Bridge, Irony, Lux et Voluptas, Metallurgy, and Perfect Foil. They have amazing pigmentation and I love the wide range of unique colors.

The majority of the lipsticks I've tried are opaque, some have a metallic or shimmer finish and some have more of a creme finish but feel the same to me when worn. The sheer shades, such as Lux et Voluptas and Perfect Foil, aren't as creamy as the others. I've tried building those ones up to be opaque and they look better worn sheer or over another lip product.

The black lipstick is the best black lipstick I've used. It won't wear down into a murky dark color, it's a true black and it's very solid and dark. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a straight out of the tube black or as the first lipstick to try from PBLC.

It's kind of easy to put on too much product, but there shouldn't be any bleeding or messiness with the right amount. I've worn them for several hours on their own without lip liner or balm/chapstick. They aren't too drying or too moisturizing. I'd say in between. Ideal for a nice quality lipstick, even better for ones that are priced for only $9 each.

There are only two issues I've had with them. The first is with Difficult Island. The consistency isn't as even as the others and it doesn't wear for more than a few minutes on me without looking patchy. It's still a cool color and would work well for short time wear like in editorials. The other is with the packaging. It's beautifully designed but can get dirty because of the paper-like texture on the label. I like the chapstick style tube but others may find it difficult to apply.

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Shaila H.
Once your lips go black, there is no going back

Also I have Indigo Bridge, and Metallurgy I absolutely love everything about these lipsticks, Pigmentation, staying power and feel all instantly had my heart after my first test with them. Because of the intense pigmentation, when/where it does decide to wear away, you notice, but if you're rocking a statement lip that isn't a stain, you should expect to be touching up anyway. This survived water, soup, sunflower seeds etc before starting to look a bit worse for wear.

Downside- If you don't use a brush to apply It the chapstick tube makes it difficult to create beautifully precise lips these dark colors demand. This really only is noticeable when you first put it on, touch ups are super convenient in the no frills sleek packaging and caring around a lip brush during the day is not necessary.

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Lauren C.
Indigo Bridge, Gilded Lily.

Forgot to mention the other colors I ordered: Indigo Bridge- Perfect navy color. Dark and rich. Highly pigmented, long-lasting, great consistency. LOVE THIS COLOR. Gilded Lily- Once again great! My favorite gold lipstick, wore this on halloween and it stayed all night. Perfect metallic color, high in pigment, long-lasting, great consistency.

In my order I also received a few samples undead red and chaiborg for lipsticks and also a white pink frosted glitter. Both of these were just as great in quality and color. Chaiborg is a shimmery taupe color, Undead red is a deep red. Will be ordering a full size for both of these shortly!

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Lauren C.

I was most excited about this color when I put in my order to PBLC. This color was all that i hoped for when I put it on. It is a very dark deep purple with very small purple shimmer. This lipstick goes on great, is long lasting, very pigmented and the way the colors are advertised is perfect, Kim shows you exactly what you are getting by showing you actual pictures that are not photoshopped. This is by far one of my absolute favorite products. I will continue to buy from this company and also share my love for it. I have already suggested this company to many of my friends and they have made their own purchases and feel the same!

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Naelle D.
Pure colour and Moisture

I found Portland Black Lipstick Company while lurking for alternatives to Illamasqua's Disciple shade. I got Black and Indigo Bridge Lipsticks and a sample of their awesome lip shade called Difficult Island. They smell very good, like mint and are very pigmented colours and they run softly on the lips. These are not your typical dry lip makers, but instead it's about moisturizing colour! Oh, did I mention how affordable these are?

Indigo Bridge is a very long lasting shade with hues of black blue and even purple. Black is quite glossy, like patent leather I'd suggest. This shade would look much more sophisticated using a black lip pencil to line the lips before the actual lipstick application (better to do it with a lip brush).

You can read my complete review (with swatches and more) on my blog: http://viruella.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/black-lipstick/

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Fifi D.
Amazing Colours, Amazing Wear
Photo of product included with review by Fifi D.

I got this for a cosplay a while back and I do not regret it. You can eat and drink with it on and it won't really fade. I maybe had to reapply once, but it was because I was really bored. Feels good, smells nice. If you need a black lipstick, this is the one.

Bec S.
Absolutely Adore!

I absolutely adore the Portland Black Lipstick Company! I found them through a photo posted by Naelle D. of Difficult Island and immediately ordered some! I've tried the Black, Bugs Blood, Difficult Island, Undead Red and Pewter Cauldrin and love them all. The pigmentation is excellent and the black is the best I've tried. I also love their whole aesthetic, from the way the product is packaged to the writing on their site.

Mai L.
Love the unique colors with the themed names

I was introduced to the brand by a friend and was really drawn into the metallic and unconventional colors. I was sent samples of most of their colors and loved how pigmented the soft formula was. My favorite color might have to be Irony, a bright metallic red reminiscent of the namesake element. The chapstick tube isn't my favorite because I think it can be difficult for some to get clean lines so my preferred application method is with my fingers.

You can check out more detailed thoughts on the formula and the other half of the swatches at my blog.


Cathy M.
4+ stars for product, -2 for order processing / customer service

I ordered several samples -- Undead Red, Blood Red, Irony, Chaiborg -- a while back. Had to send an email inquiry when they hadn't shown up after several weeks had passed. OK, it's a small business, and samples are probably kind of a pain to do and not a huge money maker.

Chaiborg doesn't work for me, but I like the two reds, and I _love_ Irony, so I ordered a full size Irony and a few more samples of other colors just over a month ago. I still haven't received them, nor any communication about the order, so I sent a follow-up email this morning.

I did eventually get the first order, and I expect to get this one as well, but my experience is that this is not the company to order from if you're in a hurry.