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Beauty Product Reviews

Wonder Products for dark spots and uneven skin tone

This cleanser is amazing. Its smells great! It feels amazing and it really helps to brighten your skin with the lactic acid in it. It makes a huge difference in fixing uneven skin tone. However I wouldn't recommend just using this alone. You need a good dark spot corrector to gain really good results. The only con as with all dermalogica products are the price tag.

Great Product for Stubborn Pimples

This products works really well if you have stubborn areas that just can't be tamed. My acne levels have decreased significantly using this products. However you have to be very persistent with it for it to really work. So if your lazy and don't want too big of a routine this may not be a good product for you.

Perfect Summer powder

This was my Go too powder for the summer time. It sets any liquid and gives a very natural healthy finish. Perfect with studio moisture tint. I cant wait to use this again in the summer with my BB Cream.