Beauty Product Reviews

I bought this a couple days ago and It is so gorgeous. I use it with Sinful Colors "rise and shine" and it looks gorgeous. It reflects light so beautifully and it did not take forever to dry, which is a bonus. The best part is that it only cost about a dollar, maybe. yay

I have midnight blue, It cost me .99 cents. I also bought the glitter glue, Sally's make and use them together. I wore this without eyeshadow underneath and it looked as if there were. One thing is that if you use more glitter than glue you end up having to rub it on and that irritates your lids, so watch out for that. This makes awesome liner though

I have a white one of these polishes and I love it. I use underneath other colors especially bright colors to make them pop more and look more vibrant, it actually works and it acts as a polish primer. It takes 2 coats to get it opaque and the formula is a bit more liquidy than other nail polishes I have. The drying time is relatively short. I painted one hand and moved on to the next, by that time the first hand was dry.