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Dec 24, 2012

Ashley M.

What is a good cheap vanity with drawers and lighting that you would suggest? Please leave links, pictures, & prices if u can :)

Dec 24, 2012

Rachel C.


Dec 24, 2012

Tiffany M.

I bought a cheap computer desk with drawers from Walmart...put dividers in the drawers... And hung a framed mirror on the wall...the total for everything including 4 small plastic 3 drawer things to put on top was less than $150

Dec 24, 2012

Tonita C.

Try thrift stores and/or consignment shops 

This website has really good lighting strips for vanitys for under 10 and you could paint them if you don't want them silver or bronze, and you can buy a nice 24" by 24" mirror for a vanity from ikea for 10$. Also check out my thread what does your vanity look like? I have a lot of diy vanities on there and how I'm making/repainting mine, also where to buy furniture pieces and how to redo it into a vanity :)

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