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Dec 13, 2012

Katrina B.

A local charity that provides prom dresses for girls in need asked me to help with the girls hair and makwup. Im not a makeup artist and I've had no training. I know some of what I need like sterilization, a mixing palette, foundations for different skin tone and types. The majority of the people in my area are African American or Hispanic and I really have no idea what colors look best on their skin tones or what type of skin they generally have. . . Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Dec 18, 2012

Chelsea P.

Check out Bobbi Browns Makeup Manual. I got one at Barns and Noble for like 13 bucks. It has EVERYTHING you are looking for! I promise you!

Aww, I'm late to this. I hope it was a success.

I wish I lived near you, I would've donated my services for something like this. 

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