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Dec 14, 2012

Onieka J.

How are all you independent MUAs out there charging per gig (what factors are considered) and how are you managing client invoices for larger gigs?

Check to see what they are charging in your area.

What do you mean by managing client invoices for larger gigs? 

Dec 18, 2012

Chelsea P.

I charge based on
-Travel Expenses
- Type of event (Wedding vs. Everyday)
-Number of people
- Products used ( Airbrush or Eyelashes)
- Factor in that you are using products ( Disposable wands and new refills dont buy themselves)
-Urgency ( People in a crisis are more desperate, and will pay more)
-Are you doing a Consultation?
-What is your value as an MUA (Experience? Schooling?)

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