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Sep 06, 2011

Emily S.

Hey guys, I know Liana B. has a great Topic going where everyone can post their latest blog posts and thought it might be handy to have one for YouTube videos as well. Hope everyone looks at everyone's videos and this is helpful for everyone :D
My recent video is a review of the Freedom Systems from Inglot:

Hey :) I just started a beauty channel on youtube & would love some feedback. Comment,rate,&/or subscribe if u enjoy my latest video is a casual outfit of the day

Sep 06, 2011

Emily S.

I thought the other one was for blog posts not youtube links? 

Sep 06, 2011

Emily S.

Oh sorry! I only read the first page of topics x

Sep 07, 2011

Mariah C.

Hey Gorgeous Ladies!!!!!!! How are you all?? I hope you guys are doing GREAT! :) but I just wanted to share mi makeup channel with you girls, because I'm just so excited about the Lion King Series I'm doing! It's a series of makeup tutorials inspired by some of the characters in the movie:D I'm having SO much fun doing these looks! I have so many ideas, I can't wait for you all to check them out:) so if you would go by mi channel and subscribe, it'd just MAKE MI DAY:) thankk you soo much!! <3333

I'll put a link to mi "Scar" look-

Sep 07, 2011

Emily S.

A Lion King series is such an amazing idea! I love the Lion King :D I'll be following that <3

I did a full face of Illamasqua Magenta Muse products (and Hourglass on my lashes)
This is my first "real" you tube - 3 other posts are for nails

Sep 19, 2011

karissa b.

I posted a "Get Ready With Me" video a couple days ago :)

New Kat Von D Poetica palette

Hello, everyone!

I just posted a new video on my channel! Its a simple fall smokey eye with reddish-goldy lips. I just updated my lighting and setup, so I would love to hear what you think!

Thank you in advance!


Here's my latest youtube video:
This is also my very first makeup video! So I'd be so happy if you showed some support (:

xo Malika

Sep 27, 2011

Teri J.

new to youtube but here is my video=] tell me what you all think!!

Sep 28, 2011

Nikki F.

This is my first video! Feedback is much appreciated! ^_^

Oct 11, 2011

Ancilla L.

Just uploaded a nail tutorial! how to get leopard print french tips :) Feedback is more then welcome! xoxo

I just uploaded my VERY first YouTube "How To" video this weekend and will post a new video EVERY Sunday!

Check it out at YouTube:

Anthony Merante

Blog: http://www.anthonymerante.wordpress...

Oct 12, 2011

Chelsey M.

Breast cancer awareness tutorial :)

I tweet!  @makeupjunkie624

Hi everyone!
This is my latest YT video, it's a dark green smokey eye tutorial.
Great for fall and going out.
I hope you'll check it out! (:

FashionMakeup M.

Oct 17, 2011

FashionMakeup M.

Ever wonder if a product is worth buying? I made a video tell what products should be picked up or passed up! Check it out:)

Already did a new makeup tutorial, it's a neutral brown eye look.
Hope you'll check it out! :)

Here's my latest video, a beautiful purple look using one of my favorite mac eye shadows "sketch" :)
Hope you'll check it out:

Hello, everyone!

I just created a YouTube video with my friend, Karyn (who has been battling breast cancer). We wanted to let you know about a great organization called "Look Good, Feel Better", which does all kinds of stuff to boost the self-esteem of patients undergoing cancer treatment. The video is monetized, and I am going to donate any monies raised to them, so its like you are donating for free when you watch. I would love it if you watched it, and if you could send it around it would be even better!

Here is the link:

Thank you so much, in advance ;)

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