Tips on how to fix brittle, peeling nails

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Aug 01, 2011

Angela W.

I got tired of my nails breaking and peeling so I went and had gel put over them. No more chipped nails!! I realize this is just a quick fix and unless I keep it up my nails are going to be in terrible shape once I take them off... I was just tired of trying to maintain a decent looking manicure on my own! My nails look awesome btw ; P

Aug 02, 2011

Jeny W.

I have a blog post I did recently on this issue check it out, it also includes diet tips to change and supplements you can take to help with your nails. Mine were terrible and now they are long and healthy and don't peel anymore.


I'm a licensed manicurist, and your problem isn't rare, a lot of people have this problem. As stated above, your diet could be the culprit! Make sure that you're healthy! With that aside, there are a few things you can do to help your poor little nail beds!
1-Eat Jello! I know this sounds bizarre, but trust me, it helps your nails grow nice and strong.
2-Drink lots of water-water helps everything! :)
3-Buff your nails so they're even, and apply a hardener to your nail. I suggest the brand "Nail Tek" It can be worn underneath nail varnish as well as alone. Nail Tek is made up of healthy proteins that will feed and nourish your nails.
4-Cuticle oil-massage your nail beds w/ cuticle oil. This not only keeps your cuticles nice and moist, but it does the same for your nails. It's hard for me to tell exactly why your nails are peeling, but it could be due to lack our moisture. So massage away, and then wash your hands to get rid of the oil.

Hope this helped. :) 

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