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Monthly Cosmetic Boxes?

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I have really wanted Birchbox for a while now, but I have heard there are a few other companies like Birchbox out there and wanted to check them out before I get mine... I do live in the USA I dont know if that matters... And any experience you have had with companies or with Birchbox would really help...

Thanks Gals/Guys!

Jul 26, 2011

Gracey W.

There's Eco Emi but they have a waiting list for their boxes currently.
And there's luxe box, I haven't used them but here's the website link

Jul 26, 2011

Linda D.

Birch Box is a hit and miss for me personally. I have been using Birch Box for about 4 months now and it's about every other month that I'll actually receive stuff that I would love to purchase the full size of. I have not received a box that I am TOTALLY in love with everything but I am still hoping lol. I think it was last month or so they did put a full size blush in the package so that was awesome. 

im so sad luxebox is only for canada :(

Jul 26, 2011

Erin W.

I agree with Linda, Birchbox is a total hit or miss. But you are only paying $10 a month and the boxes always end up more valuable then that... I'm a newbie so it's really fun to try all the products you do get. Lets you learn what you like and don't like :-) watch some Birchbox videos on youtube to see if you are interested. 

I looked into this after I read this post last night & I would DEFINITELY do this. I'm totally broke right now so I can't - but it would definitely be fun to do. Plus, I saw that a lot of the samples are actually VERY nicely sized. Some almost look full-sized. I'd do it - Plus, Sephora Deluxe Samples take 100$ - This takes 4-5 for 10. Seems reasonable.

In the US:
New Beauty's Test Tube ($29.95 + $8.95 every three months)

Yellow Box Beauty ($34.95 monthly + $7.95 shipping/handling)

Eco-Emi ($15 monthly, free shipping)

Makeup Monthly ($30 monthly, free shipping)

Beautyfix ($49.99, free shipping)
*I don't think the products shipped from Beautyfix are worth the $50 box. TOO expensive for stuff you can find at Walmart for less.

In Canada:
Loose Button aka Luxe Box ($12 per month, free shipping)

Glymm ($10 monthly, free shipping)

In the UK:
GlossyBox (£10 monthly + £2.95 shipping/handling)

Wow, Makeup Monthly is affiliated with some fantastic brads!

Has anyone actually seen anyone's box from Makeup Monthly? I'm skeptical. That site gives me a scam vibe...

^ I found a review on it!

After reading & seeing a few things, people are saying that Birchbox is better because you get more products for less money. At least it's not a scam. lol

lol That's the video I was just watching. 

What a coincidence! lol Such a shame - this video is turning me off so much to it. It seemed great. :( lol

I knew I was skeptical for a reason. lol One thing I am excited about is Glymm. They're suppose to be offering a U.S. box soon and it seems better than BirchBox to me.

Jul 26, 2011

Jesse P.

I signed up for birchbox b/c I read about it on so many of my favorite blogs! It is definitely hit or miss, but as long as you manage your expectations I think you'll be able to find at least a few things in every box that you enjoy! Plus, it is only $10! 

Makeup Monthly Review seems to be TOO expensive for so little. Because this company is in Washington I decided to do some investigating since Washington state is VERY strict with companies (they want to make money after all). In order to sell makeup in the state of Washington they need a business license through Federal Way (where they're located at) and they don't have one. They're conducting business illegally in the state of Washington by not having that license or paying tax.

Just to recap: Makeup Monthly does not have a local city business license in Federal Way or a Master Business License in the state of Washington (where they're located at).

To me when companies are shady like this - either intentionally or not - I'm VERY wary of doing business with them.

If you do a WhoIs on the company's domain you'll find that it's domain registration info is private so you have absolutely no idea who owns the company. The website also doesn't list who the owner is and there's no business license for it.

My judgement is this: Buyer be ware with this company since it comes off as very fishy.

Aug 10, 2011

LaToya C.

Stay away from makeup monthly. I only received one box and then they just kept billing me. I have a compliant against them!!

Aug 10, 2011

LaToya C.

gogogirlfriend: 6.99 or 12.99
beautiful reusable gift box is loaded with brand name trial or full size samples of health, beauty and home products free for you to try.

her is my referral code if you want to use it 52768

LaToya, how long have you used Go Go Girlfriend and what do you think of them so far?

Aug 10, 2011

Alyssa R.

I'm interested in these monthly subscriptions as well, but money is kind of tight, like Andrea said. I'd be willing to give Birchbox a shot seeing how so many people have used it and how much praise it's received.

That Makeup Monthly seemed WAYY to good to be true.

Anyone try the New Beauty Test Tube? A bit pricey but it seems like a trustworthy company with good products.

Makeup Monthly - from what I've seen on Youtube sends out discontinued/old products. NOT worth the almost $40 per month price tag. PLUS it's not legally licensed, as far as I could tell, in WA state where they're located at. I've turned them into the ATG for investigation.

As for New Beauty Test Tube, I have. LOVE IT!

Aug 10, 2011

Amanda L.

Eco-Emi looks interesting but not taking any new customers =( anybody tried it or heard bad/good things? I guess it's not so much "beauty" but still neat things I'd be willing to try.

Aug 11, 2011

LaToya C.

Hi Yasmin, I've been with gogogirlfriend for 5months and I really like it. The samples are more eco friendly and sometimes lesser known than birchbox. I got my box today and this is what I got:
Biore Oil Blotting Sheets
Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips
Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss Lip Color
E.L.F. Fan Brush
E.L.F. Lip Liner - Spice
Exceptional Fragrance Vial on Card
French Green Clay Mask Powder - 1 oz.
Go Ginger People Facial Cleanser
Pink Mineral Shadow
Slice of Life Gummy Vitamin Multi + Lycopene
Weleda Pomegranate Travel Kit

Aug 11, 2011

LaToya C.

I've been with Eco-Emi for 2 months and I love it!! They just recently offered a bonus box to anyone (this box had past samples). I loved the bonus box also.

I signed up in July and the only thing I don't like it is how they bill. I have yet to get my first box - August will be my first one - yet I'll be charged for September BEFORE I get the chance to see if I like it and would want to continue on with it.

The way the bill is when you sign up to be on their waiting list and finally get that acceptance notice you have three days to sign up or you have to sign up to be on the waiting list again. As a result you have no control on when you start your subscription but what ever day you sign up that will be your monthly billing date. I signed up July 11 for the August box, payment tomorrow (August 11) will be for the September box. The August box won't be sent out until the end of August.
"August BOX WILL SHIP ON August 22, 23 and 24th. If you joined in July you will get an August box, if you joined in August you will get a September box."

Aug 11, 2011

LaToya C.

I hate the way eco-emi bills also! Since you pay a month ahead, if you cancel you still will get one more box.

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