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Jewelmint vs. BaubleBar?

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Nov 18, 2011

Angela D.

I'd managed to avoid Jewelmint for sooo long, until last night when I ordered my first piece. Now I'm obsessing (turns out you can use codes on most of your purchases!)
I also just looked up BaubleBar jewelry after getting the wooden bead pop in my Birchbox and they have tons of fun stuff too.

So: Which is better quality? Have any of you had quality issues with either or feel they're not worth the price? I always prefer to buy stuff in person but this is too much fun.

Dec 30, 2011

Kirsten B.

My company uses the same manufacturer as Bauble Bar and they are GREAT quality items. Bauble Bar is actually slightly more expensive than Signature Style. I encourage you to check us out at, but if you have to choose between jewel mint and bauble bar I would go Bauble Bar since I already own a ton of the jewelry :)

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