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Shampoo for Red Hair

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Dec 14, 2011

Amanda J.

So I'm looking to dye my hair red again, but it doesn't really last very long. I dyed it last year and I was lucky that it lasted a month. I'm curious what shampoo is the best for RED HAIR. I don't want some ordinary color prolonging shampoo. I want some hard core, helps your red from going dead shampoo (and conditioner of course!). I've considered Hot Topics color shampoos, and I've also considered the John Freida one. :P So yeah. And is it good to do dye touch ups? And is it okay to just use temporary, or would normal dye work better? 

There's a couple of things that you can do to prolong your red hair color. I've dyed my too many times to count and there's more than just the shampoo you use to make sure your color stays.

1. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week. The more you shampoo your hair, the more you're stripping the color.

2. Wash your hair in cold water. The warm/hot water makes the color run as well.

3. Refrain from heat styling tools as much as you can. Heat styling can make the hair dull over time, not to mention it's not very healthy for you hair anyway.

4. Invest in shampoo that is sulfate-free.

There's a color depositing shampoo and conditioner that I was using that helped keep the color. It dries out the hair a little so you don't want to use it daily:

Also if you use the temporary dyes in your hair, they keep the hair freshly red and aren't damaging to the hair since they are vegetable dyes.

For dyeing your hair, I say go semi-permanent. That's just me.

I hope this helps!

1: What colour are you naturally? I find it's easier to keep colour on natural locks as opposed to bleached. That would effect my answer.
2: For me, it was a matter of dying it repetitively over the course of several years, once a month, that got it engraved into my head... literally. Shampoo, I use Rusk, generally a moisturizing one, (there are several) and as long as it is, as Jasmine mentioned, 2-3 days a week, you should be golden.

Dec 14, 2011

Fariha W.

i want to dye my hair in dull golden ,or skin shade but i can't buy expensive hair dye soo what u recommend tell me company name and hair dye number too ,shade ?

Dec 15, 2011

Amanda J.

@ Celeste My natural hair color is a dirty/sandy blonde. Light brown, whatever you want to call it. The last time I dyed my hair red, it turned out fantastic, but like I said, didn't last very long. I didn't have to bleach my hair or anything, the color worked with my natural hair color. :P And I guess I'll have to do that. Dying it repetitively is costly, but if that's what it takes, I'm down. And I take a shower everyday, so it's going to take some self control to not wash my hair. Thanks so much for the info guys, it was majorly helpful! ^.^ I'll post pictures once I get it done. :D

Dec 15, 2011

Alexandra J.

HI Amanda!

I've been coloring my hair red for almost 10 years!!! I use Wella dye and Wella Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the dye, because when it fades it still looks like a pretty color.
True story: I went to color my hair and this person complimented my hair color and I told them I was there to get it colored and that it needed to be touched up! Totally made me love the color even more!
If you'd like to know the color and developer I use let me know and I'll tell you.. I can't remember right now, but I have the color at home. I know it's a demi-permanent color.

Dec 15, 2011

Amanda J.

@ Alexandra Can I buy the Wella stuff at Sally Beauty? That's normally where I buy my color from. I don't have a cosmetology license (working on getting one though!), so I can't buy it anywhere else. :(

Dec 16, 2011

Maria L.

I color my hair a level 6 intense red and use a tinted shampoo. I used Tressa Watercolors in Fluid Fire. (I buy mine on line at This shampoo keeps my hair as bold and bright as the day I colored it. I literally only have to retouch the new growth and don't have to drag the color through the ends of my hair. As long as I keep my hair red, I will not use a different shampoo. 

Dec 16, 2011

Anneka F.

I use the bumble and bumble red shampoo, it's not drying at all and deposits colours a little. 

Dec 19, 2011

Alexandra J.

@Amanda You def need a license to buy the one I use, sorry!! I know you're working on getting yours (Awesome!!). When you get it, I use Wella's ColorTouch vibrant reds in the color 44/65. It's such a beautiful red with a hint of violet. Until then the best advice I can give to you is try to find a red dye that when it fades, it's still a pretty color. Hope this helps! :)

I totally agree with jasmine J! I've been a readhead for over a year now and agree that permanent dying over and over again helps the color stay better. My fave shampoos are

Color Depositing: Aveda Madder Root, Sally's Quantum Riveting Reds
Non-Color Depositing: John Frieda Radiant Red
Sulfate Free: L'oreal sulfate free shampoos

I totally agree with Jasmine about shampooing your hair a maximum of 2-3 times a week. I use dry shampoos and style my hair on the second and third day so that it's up.

Also, I do the following:

1.) Wear a shower cap for ALL showers. If it's a no-wash day, keep it on all shower. If it's a wash day, leave it on till the last minute when you wash it right before stepping out. The less water on your hair the better.

2. I go to an aveda salon for my red color and I ask for the most intense red I can get and then update my color with Manic Panic when it starts to fade. I use vampire red and usually do this when the vibrancy starts to fade (usually around 4 weeks) and it really kicks the color up. It's semi-perm. but it acts like a stain for you hair. Also, it helps to disguise roots that are growing out!

I've attached a picture of what my hair looks like after the red dye and manic panic.

Dec 27, 2011

Anneka F.

My favourite for red hair is Bumble and Bumble red shampoo and conditioner! So good. Non-drying, tis amazing. 

Dec 31, 2011

Shelby T.

Have to agree with anneka, even with my raggdy anne red it helps when i shampoo with Bumble and bumble . also manic panic (i know scarey if your going a natural red) makes a red shampoo i used even when i had a "natural" red shade, keeps it intense and looking new for a lot longer. I dont think you can get the shampoo at sallys but its alvalible online.:) 

Dec 31, 2011

Amanda J.

Wow! Thanks guys! This all was insanely helpful! I found out what dye I'm going to use. I'm using Clairol soy4plex creme color in 4RR. ^.^ I think I'll try the Sally Quantum Depositing Shampoo. And then I'll try the Bumble and Bumble. See which one I like more. I might even see if my local Peerless can get in some Tressa Watercolors and some of the Manic Panic shampoo. Thanks again guys! I'll post pictures this weekend! ^.^

Jan 02, 2012

Sarah U.

@ Jasmine-- That post was actually one of the best explanation as to keeping red hair. I have had dyed red hair for some time (well just went back brown), but that was really helpful. I had heard a few tips before, but having them all in one place is awesome! Thanks--

Red hair is tricky, but can be very pretty :)

Jan 19, 2012

Sorell B.

I know hairdressers say not to cause the dye stops working 'apparently' but i keep my hair dye on for as long as an hour and thats what keeps my hair vibrant for longer and the fact that i've been dying it red for the last 5 years probably has something to do with it as the colour builds up on the strands :)

Jan 19, 2012

Amber P.

I am a hairstylist and Sorell B. the color does stop working after a certain amount of time. I use pureology shampoo and conditioner and for keeping my red vibrant I use Watercolors shampoo in crimson splash. You can also add a pravana red to your shampoo, it will be messy but it works. Pravana is similar to Manic Panic. I do not recommend coloring all over every time, it is bad for your hair! If you can just retouch the roots every other time with oxidative color and refresh the ends with non-oxidative color. Every other time you color your hair which should be 4-6 weeks. Do all over oxidative and then the retouch refresh in between. I hope this is useful to you, and one thing that was pounded into my head in beauty school. We don't dye hair we color it and we dye Easter eggs! Oxidative is permanent and non oxidative is semi permanent.

Jan 20, 2012

Ilona M.

Amanda: No matter what you do (cold water rinses, color shampoo, no heat styling tools etc.), red hair color will eventually leave your hair cuticle and you will have to go back to a hair salon to redeposit red pigment back into your hair. Red color molecule is the first to escape your hair, that's why redheads spend more time and money to keep that fire burning!!!!:)

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