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Hard To Curl Hair?

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Jan 26, 2012

Christin B.

My hair is pin straight, and healthy. It takes a near act of god to get it to even curl and its almost impossible to get it to hold one for longer than five minutes. Is there any kind of product I can use to help?

Jan 26, 2012

Alexandra J.

Hi Christin! My hair isn't pin straight, but it would never hold a curl for the whole day. My hair isn't thick either so I like to curl it to give it some volume. I've tried so many curling irons (& products) and none truly worked on my hair. I purchased the Cortex Clipless Curling Iron this past November and I think it is amazing! The test I used to see if it works was I curled my hair and that day I ended up going to the beach. Other times I've gone to the beach with my hair curled, within about 30 mins my hair fell flat and was almost straight with lots of frizz. This time it held the curl. I was absolutely amazed by it. Also, I used it this week and I curled my hair on Tuesday and Wednesday I still had a curl and I rocked it! Here is more info about the Cortex is you are interested: I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Jan 26, 2012

Mindy N.

Hey Christin, I have super straight hair that barely holds a curl. I usually put in a heat protectant spray in my hair and curl with a NuMe Tourmaline Infused Curling Wand. Then I spray a strong hold spray all over my head. The NuMe Curling Wand actually creates curls that stay in my hair for days. Seriously have never had any results as good as this curling wand. The only thing is, there is a bit of a learning curve when your used to using a curling iron with a clip.

Jan 27, 2012

Elisha R.

Hi Christin. My hair isn't pin straight, its naturally curly. My hair wouldn't hold a curl if it depended on it if I used a curling iron. What I do with mine after I straighten it, is I put a heat protectant, the Tresemme brand, all over my hair, especially the ends. The kind of curler I use is a Hot Tools brand I got from Wal-Mart for $25.00. Instead of using the clip, I just wrap my strand of hair around the barrel and it works just like a curling wand. And the curl stays all day for me. I hope this helps! 

The best curling iron I have come across is the Jose Eber curling is amazing. I do model's hair with it all the time and have actually have 3 of them go out and get their own. ♥♥♥

Feb 03, 2012

Nadjia H.

Best way I have discovered curling a clients hair at work that has resistant or hard to curl hair is sectioning the hair then before curling each section I spray it with a strong hold hairspray (hair has memory meaning it needs to be trained to act a certain way) then I take about 1/2"-1" size strands and curl them then before letting them fall I slowly release each curl in my hand, then spray the curl in your hand while it cools...then pin it up with a clip so it retains curl while you work your way up the head. After you finish curling, pinning, and setting each curl...let the hair set in Pinned up for about 15 min then spray again before letting them down. Do not touch them with your fingers to separate them because the heat and oil from your fingers will loosen then curl...instead use a pick and gently separate them and then spray again with hairspray... Seems like a lot of steps but really it its not as difficult when you actually do it

My sister has pin straight hair that NEVER holds curl...except when she puts in in braids and lets it dry like that! So you could try come no heat curling tutorials as they usually last longer in hair that doesn't hold curl very well. Here is one that I made:

and here is another:

Let me know if they work for you! Also, add some gel or mousse before you do the no heat curling to help it stay in even better!

Feb 03, 2012

Maura H.

The curling wands are awesome for keeping a curl longer. I use the conair infiniti wand, and the tapered end really helps hold curl. Get the basic size, because the bigger the curls, the easier they will fall out.

I suggest giving the strand a spritz of hair spray (my favorite is john frieda) curling your hair, and then coil up the curl and bobby pin it to your forehead while it cools. This helps the curls stay tighter. Then I like to spray my whole head, and use a spray gel and scrunch the hair a bit. This lasts a really long time for me.

Best of luck!

Feb 05, 2012

Delaney B.

My hair used to be just like that! I could never keep my hair to hold the curl! But now, after using some different products and following some tips, my hair now curls fabulously! Bumble and Bumble has a really great shampoo and condidtioner called curl conscience or something close to that! It works well with my fine hair, and really helps hold the curl. Also, a wand usually tends to be the best curling iron out there. After curling my hair, I always use Big Sexy Hair hair spray, to keep the hold and make it more full. Look for a ceramic curling wand, because those always make hair curl well. Also, if this just won't do it, braid your hair! Just wet it, and make braids around your head for a perfect wave in the morning! Happy hair curling! :) 

I agree that sectioning has a lot to do with the hair holding a curl or not as well as when you spray the curl with product and what product you are using. My cousin's hair would do this often, I had to do small sections of hair and immediately spray with that got 2 be freeze hold spray, it was the only hair spray I found to really work on her hair. It's kind of funny, I used to have the opposite problem with my hair, it never wanted to be straight! lol

Feb 16, 2012

Erica B.

Pinning the curl immediately after you release it from the iron or wand & letting it cool is the best method. Once you're done with your whole head, spray with hairspray & LET IT SIT. This is the most important part. I usually wait at least 20 minutes. You want those curls cold! All my clients who say their hair never holds curl, this works for them.

I have to agree with Erica B. 

Feb 19, 2012

Elizabeth B.

It's all about good products and intention. I like to use a light shampoo and conditioner, possibly even a volumizing shamp & cond. Create a base for your style! Soooooo many people think because they have fine hair that they should use little to no product. False. I like Aveda Damage Control as the first step. Totally light spray you mist 2-3 times on your damp hair. Think of it as your base coat!
Comb to distribute. Next use a medium holding gel with a light weight consistency. About a nickel size depending on density and length of hair. BEFORE GLOBBING IT ON… rub the product between your hands to emulsify and warm the gel. Anything that's warmer, spreads easier and more evenly. Apply from the mid-shaft to ends, then finally work those fingertips! Massage and stimulate the scalp. Gives those roots a little wake up call.

For some, I'll use use a bit of setting hair spray on the wet hair before blow drying. This is minimal, but really gives the hair some guts!

Begin to ruff dry then using a brush push your hair in one direction and concentrate the dryer on the roots. Always moving. Start from the front right side, brush hair back, follow with the dryer till you journey all the way around the back side and finally to the left front side. Now work from the left, work back, yada yada. The point is to 1. Get the root dry (roots take the longest) and 2. Create volume at the base of the hair. When your hair gets to about 3/4 of the way dry, get your round brush out and start at the nape pin the rest of the hair up that you're not focusing on. Get under the hair and wrap from the base a bit around the brush creating tension. Pull the brush up a bit, and turn. Litttle by little wrapping more hair around the brush until you've reached the ends. Your going to repeat this throughout your entire head till dry. Because you had already dried the majority of your hair this actually doesn't take too much time.

But two things that make a difference: over directing the hairand lifting/rolling your hair above the base of the section you're brushing, and taking the time to let the sections cool before lowering them.


So you've finished with the blow dryer, moving onto curling. Section your hair. One on top, one on each side, and I like to split the back into two sections. Mist each section with a medium hold hairspray before beginning on that section. I'm a fan of Aveda's Brilliant Hairspray, it has that medium hold that isn't sticky, the mist is light when sprayed and there's a bit of shine it adds to the hair without making it heavy or greasy Again, begin close to the root, curl. Loosen the curling iron and move down the hair shaft, curl. Keep the barrel close to the base while eventually including the ends into the curl. Release. Now, wrap that hair you curled around a couple fingers. Looks like a circle. Smaller the circle = tighter the curl. Pin this coil against the scalp. Finish the section, lower the next section you are going to curl, mist with hairspray and repeat the curling ans pinning process. Repeat till the whole head is finished, and rock those pin curls on over to your room get dressed and put on your makeup. During this time those curls are cooling off, locking that curl! (think about when you had bangs an you let your hair accidentally air dry with not so cute center bang part. You had to get that hair wet and start over to get rid of that puppy) When your hair has the opportunity to cool and seal that curl in place that's when your hair lasts!!!!

Starting from the nape again release each pin curl. Less is more with curls. Wait to comb through the curls until you've released them all. Comb through with your fingers, and style how you like. Any kinks or loose ends can be touched up with the iron. Give your hair a final mist of hairspray and enjoy.


Feb 21, 2012

Catey P.

I'd like to agree with Lyndsey! My hair is also naturally very straight and I always wanted curls. (I think it's a human thing to just want the opposite of what we have.) I think it's genetic, because neither mine or my sister's hair ever holds a curl. But showering the night before and then braiding it or putting it in pillow rollers overnight give you tight, lasting curls. Plus, it's less damaging to your hair than using lots of heat.

Feb 21, 2012

Britt A.

I agree with the no-heat techniques, like braiding, or throwing it in a bun. There's also an awesome tutorial where you wrap an elastic headband around your forehead, around the top of your head, and weave your hair around the band and It works beautifully!

Hey dolls! I just posted a video on how to get VOLUMINOUS curls. Hope it helps some of you!!

I actually just a did a blog post on this topic recently. While I have wavy hair, for some reason it would never hold a curl with a curling iron. The best way that I've found my hair to hold a curl is if I try curling it the day after it has been washed (not right after and not after blowdrying...just letting it air dry). I don't know why, but my hair holds a curl really well this way, when it has a little bit more natural oil and grip to it. Its even better with curling the following day if I don't wash it...thats actually when I find that my hair looks the best :) I would also suggest wrapping the hair around the barrel (as opposed to using the clip) as someone else above hair never used to curl when I used the clip. And of course, using a good hairspray and letting the curl cool before dropping will help as well.

@Mindy I'm planning on purchasing that NuMe iron soon! Glad to hear that it works well for you. I like the iron I have now but I'm hoping that getting the NuMe will cut down on the time it usually takes to curl my hair, which is longer than I'd like it to be haha

I use (in this order) Texture Sea Salt Spray and Hot off the Press before any kind of iron work. Then Worked Up while curling/smoothing, then Hold Me Tight after. All of these products are Paul Mitchell but when layered they work well and really hold. I have used this technique on many of my guest that have silky bone straight hair and it works wonders.

Feb 21, 2012

Mindy N.

@Melanie G. I used my 19mm NuMe Curling Wand and it only took me 15 mins to curl my whole head! Seriously, they have the BEST curling wands. I really want to get the 4Play too!

Mar 19, 2012

keri k.

I use a GHD hairstraightener to curl my hair and i have dead straight hair. After curling i do use a lot of hairspray to keep the curl.

Mar 21, 2012

Naila C.

Check Out My HEATLESS CURLS vid!!!!!

"Spring is upon us! WATCH my Heatless (Beach Waves) Tutorial for a Fun, Flirty Look this season!! xoxo "



Mar 25, 2012

Elle V.

Hey guys! Check out my new video on how to curl hair!

"Project Sexy Curls"

Jan 16, 2014

Erin K.

The Karmin Salon Pro Clipless Curling Wand creates curls or waves that last all day. I always use Alcove Curl Activator as it helps hold and leaves curls looking smooth all day.

Feb 21, 2014

Mel S.

I think the karmin g3 clipless curling wand works great for difficult hair. it transmits heat thoroughly, give it a try!

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