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Adult Acne

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Jan 30, 2012

Beth L.

Ok I have been looking everywhere for a skincare system to clear up my adult acne I haven't been able to find one. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Jan 30, 2012

Beth L.

I was afraid of that. I am thinking that's what I have. Thanks so much.

Feb 04, 2012

Dani M.

Check out MediBac Clearing adult acne treatment kit by dermalogica. I use it daily. It seems to help me. :)

Feb 11, 2012

Erica F.

I had to get a gentle, daily exfoliator, and dandruff shampoo. I still have a few break outs around the time of my period but otherwise my skin is good. And I had TERRIBLE zits pop up.

Feb 11, 2012

Kim P. I don't have adult acne but this Youtube guru does and she helped me with a lot of other stuff so I'm sure you'll find something helpful here(:

Feb 11, 2012

peppy g.

i have the same problem. apparently if you get a lot of acne on your jawline, it's hormonal. my dermatologist also said that my messed up sleeping pattern (DSPD) may be a cause. are you sleeping and eating well? i think exfoliating regularly also helps (slow skin renewal and dead skin clogging pores). add more-than-average sebum and it's awful.

because i'm not sleeping/eating well (my dermatologist says i need more raw fruits/veggies). and the meds she used to prescribe me stopped working because i haven't been doing a very good job at looking after my skin. although she also warned me about lack of sleep during certain hours causing early aging. imagine that: wrinkles and acne at the same time. what a nightmare. :(

Feb 11, 2012

Kim P.

@Peppy - Advice for you- You're the only one in control of how your skin looks in the end, so if you TRULY want clear skin, then you TRULY have to work for it. Thats the only reason my skin is clear now(:

Feb 15, 2012

Lisa H.

Check out UNBLEMISH by Rodan + Fields. The regimen is clinically proven to combat the entire cycle of acne...from breakouts to lightening post-acne marks. Guaranteed results or your money back :)

Sep 14, 2012

Zel B.

Same problem with me. My adult acne is mostly concentrated on my jawline and temples and the scars it cause turns my facial skin into an orange peel. Topical meds are not very helpful. I've been trying to avoid too much sugars and coke. Help!!

Sep 14, 2012

Yesenia P.

Check out 

Sep 14, 2012

Ashley S.

I have hormonal acne and what worked for me was seeing a doctor who prescribed me aczone and a mild testosterone blocker. I also did blu-light treatments for a few weeks to clear up the acne that was already present. My skin did a total 180 in just a few months (this coming from the girl who broke out at around 10 and never stopped). The thing about the blocker is it will only work if your acne is hormonal (go figure) and it needs to build up in your system for 5-6 months before it works. I've even heard some people say that you can't miss a day. It's a commitment but if you are as desperate as I was, it's worth it. I had gotten to the point where my whole face would ache within a few hours of waking, even if my skin was mostly clear. Thank god that's nearly gone now!

Sep 14, 2012

Cristina M.

I have hormonal acne, which tends to hit women in their early 20's and later years. I saw a doctor that put me on a retinal medication. It's a blast of vitamin A to your face which helps with skin turn over. Its hard at first but combine with a oral antibiotic for a month or a topical, will help keep the initial breakouts in line. I hit such a low with me skin, people were always giving me advice when I was trying everything. Four months later my skin is blemish free... I still can't believe. Meds help and attack the problem, there is no point waiting if you have tried everything. :) good luck girl. It gets better

Sep 15, 2012

Natalia U.

Lush cosmetics helped me clear up all my acne and I had acne since my early teen years. I used fresh farmacy and now I only break out maybe once a month but even that is rare now. Good luck

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