MUAs: What Have You Done to Advance Your Career Today?

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Or recently? Do you do something every day to promote yourself? Like network? Pass out business cards? Anything else?

Jan 07, 2012

Maria O.

I work at Sephora in Manhattan so I am always making sure that I gain product knowledge at work by reading the product packaging, especially in skin care. I also, never turn away problematic skin types or conditions, I like to challenge myself because doing so improves my skills and techniques.
Aside from working at a retail location I am a freelance makeup artist. I primarily do editorial and beauty work. Therefor I network on a daily basis through online portals such as Twitter and Facebook. I also blog and try to get my name out there as much as possible with industry professionals that can help me achieve my goals.
I always carry my business cards and hand them out if an opportunity presents itself. Also, on like FB or Twitter I try to engage with other MUAs, cosmetic brands and other fashion professionals such as photographers, stylists, hair stylists and designers.

It's all about networking and selling yourself. I work at a spa in a college town as an estitician and makeup artist. I want my makeup business to be bigger then it is so whenever I go out at night i make sure I have some fabulous makeup on and take lots of business cards with me. It never fails every time I do this girls compliment me on my makeup and I just say well I'm a makeup artist here and here is my card if you ever need anything. By doing this I have pumped up my business a lot ! 

Jan 07, 2012

Nina H.

These are great tips for some starting out like me!

Do you have to have your license to start free lancing and promoting yourself? A lot of friends and friends of friends recruit me to do their hair and makeup for proms, weddings, events, etc. I do them out of my sheer love of makeup for free. I was considering making fliers or a web page networking myself and decided not to do it until I complete beauty school and have my license, should I still build a portfolio and network or should I wait until I am a certified MUA?

@ Lee Ann B, you dont have to have a license to be a free lance makeup artist, its just that with your license you are more exposed to professional jobs and the benefits are endless.

Jan 09, 2012

Maria O.

@LeeAnn B-I am from Cali but now live in NYC and most of my friends that are agency represented MUAs never went to school and are not certified MUAs. Do not let that hold you back. Now, do keep in mind that unless you are an ethstetician or have your cosmetology license you can not do certain things to clients such as waxing, brow threading etc. Other than that, go for it, expand your client base and get your name out there. 80)

Networking and learn everyday. never stop learning

I've been talking to photographers on Model Mayhem and I set up one photoshoot, and I'm talking to another photographer about doing another shoot! 

Jan 12, 2012

Mitch C.

Build a good working relationship with photog, stylist, models or agencies.
Send letter of intent to magazines or publishing company, work for free at the start, thats what i do, volunteer, apprentice to another mua that is big in the industry. give yourself a year or two and soon youll find out your calendar is overflowing with schedules. me until now i still go back to doing "charity" as long as my schedule is free, i mean working for free as long as it is useful enough (not a one way street, only the photog or prod company benefits, be careful of this entity as well) but i make sure me as well, and when you are in a project do not forget to take lots of photos, i am so greedy with photos for portfolio. its the only way i can show this to clients and to magazine company, they dont care if you were paid thousands or it was for xdeal. as long as you are busy in the market they want that, now im a regular in 3 publishing and is now a lifestyle editor for a magazine aside from that but it all started to networking, doing job for free, on my toes and knees on the floor (i dont complain) and for weekend im mostly into wedding scene, before i join fairs but now its purely word of mouth and recommendation

do not forget as well to be always at your best when doing makeup job, may it be a pretty model, an oldie mom or grandmom in a wedding, make them or transform them beautifully and work on a clean finish always. leave a mark that they will remember, and always smile even when at work. everybody wants to work with someone in a good vibes

Jan 12, 2012

Naomi B.

I am really interrested in a apprenticeship, What is the best way to approch someone on this topic?

Jan 15, 2012

Jeanine H.

I have the same question as Naiomi, but I would also like to work for free somewhere where I can start building a professional looking portfolio. What is the best way to get in contact with someone for this? For instance, what should I include in a letter of intent?

I'm constantly finding new sites to advertise on

Feb 02, 2012

Jemi E.

@Noami and Jeanine to be honest what helped my career is looking at free websites like kijiji and stuff for people looking for models for events, I offered my services at big and small events, plus photo shoots and tried to get booth space plus photos. This got me in contact with photographers, models, artists, and regular women needing makeup. I also had brochures and cards ready at any time. Again, was a great start for me too.

As far as apprenticeship, I'm not an expert on this, but where I'm from, you need to have some sort of connection or diploma/certification. It's a highly competitive field and as far as I know, there's so many aspiring for the same positions. I also think freelancing is the best way to go.

Networking and talk to everyone

May 24, 2012

Monica F.

I have my Fan page my actually getting out there by word of mouth:)

May 24, 2012

Mandy M.

This is such a good question and allyhe helpful advice is awesome for aspiring MUA's like us!!! Thanks so mich ladies! 

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