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What is Influenster?

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I recently signed up for Influenster, honestly I had no idea what it was until I signed up. Since I just received my first box, I thought it would be helpful to explain what this program is and why you should sign up too.

What is Influenster?
Influenster is a FREE program where you take tiny surveys and obtain badges on their website in order to qualify to receive a FREE box of samples (sometimes even full sized products too!) to try out, review on, share with your friends or subscribers and you can also qualify for even more FREEBIES and special deals from the brands that work with Influenster.

How much does it cost?
Influenster is completely FREE to sign up and completely FREE to receive your own box of the latest product samples.

What is a VoxBox?
The box of product samples that you can receive for FREE.

More FAQ's on my original blog post:

I think Influenster is perfect for new bloggers looking to gain more products to review, current bloggers who can't afford to constantly buy new products to review or even if you are thinking of getting into YouTube videos, but not sure where to start. Sign up for Influenster, and you can get a handful of product samples to share/review on your YouTube channel or blog for FREE!

Check out for more information, details and to sign up

Here's a sneak peek at the Holiday VoxBox 2011 that I just received, working on the unboxing blog post now ;)

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