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Wearing Artificial Nails for a Day or Two

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I am very new to nails and nail art - only got into them for a couple weeks so far. I've been researching about them ever since.

I am REALLY into 3D nails. They are SO cute! Here is one shop with super cute nails;

I've been looking at this shop a lot, but I would like some advice:

These are artificial nails, and it looks like people who typically wear acrylics or gel nails wear them for a long time before they remove them. Apparently the nails basically have to be destroyed in order to remove them.

These nails from are $20-$30 a set! The problem is I only would like to wear them for a day or two when I go out, or for a week at most when I'm on a week-long vacation. I'm a student nurse, so my nails need to be kept short.

Is there a way I can wear these nails temporarily for a day and be able to reuse them? I've heard of double-sided nail tape, but I heard that does not work very well.

Would buying these nails be worth reusing or would it be better to just decorate my natural nails like this?

Oh, I've been so confused. So much to learn about nails! Thank you for all your help!

Jun 14, 2011

Kymberli G.

personally, i just decorate my own nails. my are short.
and i like decorating them better when their short. u can change out the style quicker.
gluing ruins the top of ur nails, no matter what u do.
if u do opt for fake nails, just leave them on a day or two. that way u shouldn't have too much damage to the top of ur nail. the nail glue is similar to crazy glue. but u still have to soak ur nails in acetone for a while to get them off, & even that doesn't guarantee u'll get it all off.
good luck hon :)

Thank you very much! Just to clarify - if I soak the fake nails in acetone, will the fake nails become damaged? And yes, I was afraid of the nail glue damaging my real nails too.

Jun 15, 2011

Kymberli G.

Yes the artificial nails will b ruined with the acetone. It melts them :(

:( Makes me think it may not be worth buying crazy 3D nails if they're gonna be destroyed in the end. :( I gotta learn how to make them myself! 

Jun 16, 2011

Kymberli G.

the dollar stores carry the kind of nails u want. i'm not sure if it's the same brand. and i've noticed that their coming in all kinds of colors & details. it's alot cheaper.
u could also get the plain ones & decorate them urself b4 u put them on.

Jun 17, 2011

Itesha M.

There is a brand called kiss that has fake nails that you can glue on. They look really natural. They sell them in most drugstores. It comes with pink gel glue. They can be worn for up to one week. But if you want to remove them earlier than that you can buy the artificial nail remover (also by kiss) tosoak them off. The nails cost about $6 and the remover around $7. I've used both products and they work great with no damage to my real nails

Oh KISS nails! I think I am going to buy a pack of those and try them out for a week and see how it goes, seeing that it's pretty inexpensive. I saw a cute pink set at CVS. Hopefully their glue won't do any real damage to my nails. =)

I was just looking at some KISS products, and I was wondering...

What's the difference between "nails" and "tips"?

Jun 17, 2011

Kymberli G.

Nails cover the whole surface of ur nail bed.
Tips just go on half of ur nailbed & u have to put filler on the rest.
Nails r more for what u want, tips last longer but are a pain to put on & take off.

Jun 17, 2011

Itesha M.

Yeah I would buy the nails. The tips are too much work. I think you'll like the KISS nails. The glue didn't do any damage to my nails at all. I wore three sets of them for three weeks and my real nails are in good shape

Jun 17, 2011

Cooper K.

I saw your question while doing some research and have a possible solution - removable/reusable custom-fit nails. The company, which is a client of mine (full disclosure!), is Custom Nail Solutions - Their nails can be removed and reused endlessly. They're not ruined when you take them off, and you can decorate/redecorate them as often as you like. Plus, they're custom-fit like a fingerprint to your actual nail beds. (Also, no harsh chemicals or filing needed.)

Their website is

Here's a link to a press release about them:

Jun 17, 2011

Layla O.

that nail website^ is a FANTASTIC idea! who wouldve thought of something like that? its way too expensive for my taste, but brilliant all the same

Thank you for clearing up between the tips and nails. Alright, looks like those KISS nails it is!

But wow, Cooper! Those Custom Nails Solutions are just EXACTLY the type of nails I'm looking for! Why don't we have more of these? Maybe they'll have more of these soon. I love the idea of nails that I can wear and take off anytime I want. Like Layla said - these nails are brilliant, but a bit expensive, but I see where the price is coming from.

Jun 18, 2011

Cooper K.

The good thing is that you only have to buy them once and you're set for life, unless you want to change the style or length. And then, they can re-cut them for a reduced fee based on your impressions that are stored in their database.

They must have a lot of space to be able to store all those impressions!

Jun 20, 2011

Kymberli G.

i don't normally look @ the fake nails @ the store. but i was looking @ them yesterday & they even have them for ur TOES!!

Alright, I was just at CVS today and came back home with boxes of fake nails with different cute designs. Hopefully these work well on me. I think three sets are good for the whole summer since I can't wear these when I go back to nursing school in the fall.

Jul 16, 2014

April A.

Something that I didn't see others mention: nail glue and super glues are water soluble. SO as mentioned soaking the nails in water, washing dishes, taking showers, swimming, and bathing all shorten the life of glue and overall wear. So if say a few days of wear would be more likely than a week.

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