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What are Some Good Hair Products for Oily Hair?

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Feb 28, 2011

Susana E.

My hair tends to get oily after a day or 2 after I wash it...can get pretty annoying cuz oily hair looks my opinion! good shampoos 's or conditioners?

It really doesn't matter what "good shampoo or conditioners" you can you use because... well to be honest, you should be washing your hair at least every other day.

Please don't be offended by what I'm going to say, I know some people will disagree with me but this is what I tell my daughters, gross as it is it's the truth....

"You pee every day, you poop every day, you eat every day, you encounter people who smoke while entering a store or you may enter a building where the smells are pretty strong (onions, garlic). You sit in classes and on the bus with lots of people with their own smells. All the pollution you encounter on a daily basis - smoke, smog, various smells - will hang on your skin and in your hair every day. It doesn't matter how clean of a person you are the fact is your body is polluted every day by outside factors and you need to wash that off at least once every day or every other day but you look filthy if you go more than two days without a shower. Then you use hair spray or other hair products and build on that. You hair begins to look dirty and worse your scalp begins to smell. Sure people cover up the smell with perfumes, lotions and sprays but all it does is layer one more thing on their skin to cover up the stink. The only way to get rid of the stink is to GO TAKE A SHOWER!"

Not to be offensive but it's what I tell my teenage daughters especially when they're on their periods. GROSS. The smell of blood is just nasty as if the other body smells (armpits, rear ends). They're clean girls but still after two days... gross, gross, gross!

The natural hair on your scalp will transfer over to you hair along with the smell of sweat. If you don't like to wash your hair every other day then try a dry shampoo to help absorb the smell of sweat and oil.

Feb 28, 2011

Ning C.

Try shampooing every day with baby shampoo for 2 weeks and see if your hair gets less oily. If your scalp is especially oily, apply the shampoo to your scalp before getting your hair wet, massage a little, and then get into the shower. Use a light conditioner on your ends because if your hair is too dry, your body may secrete more oil to compensate.  

Mar 09, 2011

KohLepe P.

I have oily hair also. I wash my hair every other day. I have tried all kind of shampoo expensive and cheap.. but nothing works. I like feeling clean and the more you wash it, the more your scalp will produce oil. You can try dry shampoo like Oscar Blandi or Ojon. 

Mar 09, 2011

Ning C.

KohLepe's right that washing your hair often can make your scalp produce more oil, but it also depends on what type of shampoo you use. If you're using a volumizing, extra cleansing, or oily hair type shampoo every day, that will definitely strip your hair of oils and make the scalp produce more. But a using a gentle shampoo every day should be okay--it's what my dermatologist recommended for my oily hair. You can still use an extra cleansing shampoo, but just once a week or every two weeks.

Mar 09, 2011

KohLepe P.

Thanks Ning, I will try that too.. 

When I was younger I went through a period when I first hit puberty of having really oily hair and literally the only thing that worked was baby shampoo. Amazing stuff.

Obviously you don't have to use a baby shampoo but just a childs one where it is so gentle on your scalp works great too!

Mar 14, 2011

Deborah H.

I use head and shoulder classic for shampoo and fruit kicks natural (if they still sell this stuff) for conditioner. 

Aug 13, 2011

Amelia R.

My hair is really fine so it gets really greasy easily, and I've been using the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo once a week and it's AMAZING. You only use it once a week and it keeps your hair from being grease city.

Aug 13, 2011

Samantha G.

like others were saying, try not to wash your hair everyday. i have bad oil problems and i've found that's helped. i also took a trip into lush and picked up: the hair doctor mask, rehab shampoo (just a sample for one time use), i love juicy shampoo and vegenese shampoo. then i went to target and bought herbal essences drama clean shampoo. for the hair mask, it's meant for balancing out the ph levels and oils in your hair.

i used the whole mask on my hair in one shot. then i washed it out with rehab shampoo which is also full of different oils but my hair needed some nutrition after the mask. i love juicy is great- it really cleans your hair and helps keep oil at bay because it's made with fruits and such. drama clean is a good clean shampoo that won't leave behind any residue. the vegenese conditioner is great because it washes out clean- its not a heavy conditioner at all. i just put that in from the ears and down. a clarifying shampoo will really help though- any clarifying shampoo.

also, try switching shampoo up every time you wash your hair. i've found that way my hair doesn't get used to one product. try not to load up on product either. and i mean product anywhere. if you use a lot of product at the ends of your hair, it's gonna weigh your hair down at the top. if you can help it, don't touch your hair either. you're just putting oil in. also, try not to scratch your head or brush too hard.. it stimulates your scalp and produces more oil.

i tried using baby shampoo the other day and it made my hair feel like straw so i wouldn't recommend it :(

that was a novel but i hope it helped haha

Will be posting a hair care video in exactly one week! LOTS OF TIPS AND TRICKS for OILY hair!!! Subscribe and stayed tuned! I promise it will be good and super helpful!

more how tos, beauty, and styling vids to come!!

Aug 14, 2011

Dani M.

I have super oily hair also. I use Aussies cleanse and mend and I also use Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk on my non-wash days. Both so far are my faves for my oily hair and I stick to washing my hair every other day.

Aug 14, 2011

Tree M.

Try using a dry shampoo on the days you don't shower! I love Oscar Blandi's volumizing dry shampoo!

I agree with Ning. Baby shampoo has worked for me : )

Aug 18, 2011

Jessica D.

I have oily hair and I use Matrix Biolage ....the bottle with the dark blue color (they are all color coded) and it works wonders for me. I used to get really oily in my crown of my hair and once I started using the Biolage all of that ceased to exist! You should give it a whirl if you get a chance! 

Dec 10, 2012

Sabrina B.

My hair gets only withing. 12 hours of a shower, what should I DO????!

Jan 19, 2013

Brianna M.


Kerastase for oil roots/scalp with sanitised mid length and ends its expensive but a great product I'm a stylist at a regis salon and my guest love it

Matrix will be too heavy for oily hair x

Mar 28, 2013

Summer R.

Anything that has citrusy oils in it;)

Apr 24, 2014

Ashley A.

My hair is super oily! Within 24 hours of a wash it looks gross and oily again. I have natural, untreated hair. I wash my hair daily with Treseme Deep Cleanse shampoo and use Biolage Leave In Fortifying Treatment. I can wash my hair daily and it doesn't dry out and it looks and feels amazing!!

Jun 28, 2014

Mary J.

Hello gorgeous ladies :) I have this hair care kit that comes with organic shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil. It’s called the Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair System and was specifically designed to repair, hair without the use of harmful silicone and sulfates. When you use the Pro Naturals complete 4 step system your hair and scalp are gently yet thoroughly cleansed and hair is restored and reconstructed back to its natural healthy state. The feature ingredient, 100% Natural Moroccan Argan Oil, is most like the naturals oils in our hair so as it repairs the delicate cuticle layer of your hair it protects and replenishes hair without any oily residue. Hair is left incredibly soft, healthy and full of volume and shine and its light, sweet scent will leave you captivated.

Mar 24, 2015

Dee C.

Definitely Pro Naturals! ;)

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