Tips on Keeping Mascara from Clumping?


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I love maybelline the falsies mascara! But does anyone have any tips on keeping it from clumping? Or any mascara in general clumping? Any mascara's that don't clump upon application? Any help will be very appreciated :)

Start with a clean brush. You can use disposable mascara wands or clean off the brush that came with the mascara.

Don't over layer each coat. Rule of thumb, no more than 3 swipes each eyelash - one swipe inner, one swipe middle and one swipe outside. Allow to dry then repeat. (I usually swipe one eye with mascara and allow it to dry while doing the other eye then go back to the first eye and repeat.)

If it looks clumpy use the spoolie to remove excess and distribute the mascara better.

This is what I do every day: I pull the wand out and wipe it clean with a piece of toilet paper. Then I reinsert the wand into the tube and apply as usual.

Make sure you keep the top of your tube gunk free too - a q-tip works well for cleaning this area. I replace my mascara every 90 days and have never run out of product - there is so much mascara in those tubes. Hope this helps, it works for me. AND my secret weapon is Sonia Kashuk's mascara wand (from Target) I use this dry to separate my lashes, then apply my mascara. Look at my NARS pic on my profile, with my eyes closed. those are my lashes, not falsies.  xoxo

Jan 04, 2011

Tree S.

I can add one more thing to the above comments, a little bit of information I found on a makeup site. It's working for me: When applying mascara, let the wand rest at the tip of your lashes for about 15 seconds before pulling away.

Grrr i'm still getting clumps :( maybe its just the mascara?

OH NOS! perhaps you can exchange it for another one? 

Hmm I don't know maybe I should try another mascara. Does covergirl lashblast clump? 

Hmm I don't know maybe I should try another mascara. Does lashblast clump? 

Hmm I don't know maybe I should try another mascara. Does lashblast clump? 

I have tried Covergirl and I really liked it (purple tube) about 30 days into the tube I noticed it started to flake by the end of the day. 

Oh boo :( a great mascara is hard to find! I love the falsies its just the clumping! 

It could be a bad mascara. Try Rimmel London's mascaras. I think they're still offering (US only) a $2 off coupon on their Facebook.

Thanks :)

Andrea F.

Jan 05, 2011

Andrea F.

Falsies is quite a difficult mascara. Very clumpy and sticky in general. I don't get the hype. Lashblast is my absolute favorite! 

Which one? The orange or purple tube? Isn't there a yellow tube too?

Andrea F.

Jan 05, 2011

Andrea F.

Lashblast? I have the Orange and Purple one. I love them both!!! 

O ok :) thanks I'll try them!

Andrea F.

Jan 05, 2011

Andrea F.

I really suggest you do :) Very good mascaras!! 

Jan 06, 2011

Shelly T.

I'm trying out Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara at the moment. I like the wand. Formula's quite wet (if that makes sense), so proceed with caution.

Also like Hard Candy Ginormous Lash. Teeny tiny bristles on the wand but I like that. :)

Before either of those, my go-to was Maybelline Great Lash.

Ooohhh I like that blue mascara! Any idea if it's that intense on a person?

i clean my mascara wands all the time by wiping them off too! i spray a little fix + on it too the re-insert the wand. Maybelline falsies mascara i did notice it worked wonderful one day and was the "shits" the next it was like a total by-polar product! haha

thank you everyone :) keep the reccomendations coming! lol

Apr 15, 2011

Gabriella C.

i apply vaseline to my eyelashes. its makes them look longer and my mascara more effective and less clumpy! o use telescopic mascara it has a great brush! 

Apr 15, 2011

Jane A.

I love L'oreal Telescopic mascara too. The unique wand helps me get my shorter lashes that is closer to the inner eye.

I notice it clumbing at times when I put it on, but I also do notice that when I run it through the same spot, the wand declumps the lashes.

The wand takes getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it's so easy! Just curl the lashes, and apply two coats of mascara, and done. =)

Jan 02, 2012

Skye W.

I just put on the mascara and I get my eyebrow groomer that has a brush on one side and a little comb on the other and I use the comb side and seperate my lashes. And sometimes I just "de-clump" with my fingers lol