Poll: Do your nails have to match?

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Jul 15, 2012

Monica I.

I prefer not to have mine match... I think it's more fun... But then again I'm very artsy and out there so I like bright colors or pastels on both with an accent nail that's usually glitter or a different color

Jul 16, 2012

LaToya C.

i prefer mine to not match just because it's boring when they do match.. i also find that i don't ever notice my nails or toes when they're designed the same.. idk. but i just like having different colors or designs for my toes and nails.

Jul 27, 2012

Stacie C.

For me as long as the colors look good together then I don't care to paint my nails two different colors. 

Jul 27, 2012

Tori K.

I always have my nails & toes pristinely painted but my toes are always light pink or nude & my nails are usually all different colors, I prefer them different, (:

They maybe match once or twice a year! Normally I change my nail art on my nails more than once a week (to be able to film a lot tutorials). However the nail polish on my toe nails stay very long and I usually won't change it for weeks! I do think that matching them is beautiful though:)

Oct 09, 2012

Caitlin W.

No!! Most times colors look better on your fingers then toes and vise versa

Oct 10, 2012

Nicole G.

its a MATCH! definitely... if not with my outfit though I like it to be either nude/taupe/black/caramelish calm colors that tend to match the majority of my outfits [:

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