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Best Foundation For Covering Redness?

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Nov 08, 2011

Janet F.

I'm looking for a foundation that is great at covering redness and large pores...for oily skin. I currently use Revlon ColorStay for Combination/Oily skin. I like it a lot but I can't quite get the right color since you can't try them in the store. It also looks heavy during the day. Has anyone tried the Clinique Even Better foundation? It's supposed to even out your skin tone. Please let me know what your favorite is!

Things I'm Looking For:
- covers redness
- for oily skin
- has yellow undertone
- evens skin tone

Nov 09, 2011

Samantha G.

i'd pick up a good concealer rather than trying to find a high coverage foundation. all the heavy coverage foundations are going to be thick and heavy on the skin. i'd buy a light to medium coverage foundation, a really good concealer & a full coverage powder. here's what i use..

covergirl smoothers liquid make up (i have oily skin but it keeps me hydrated and since i set with powders, it doesn't make me oily/shiny)

a custom mix concealer of mac's select cover up & kat von d's tattoo concealer- i would recommend the mac one if you aren't working on too big of a budget. it's a really high concentrated concealer and covers redness well. i also have covergirl & olay's eye concealer but i use it on the face and it works really well. it has a ribbon of olay moisturizer so it doesn't end up feeling too thick/heavy.

mac's studio fix powder- it's a high coverage powder and sometimes i just wear concealer & the studio fix.

i would also recommend finding a cleansing system you like (i use olay's.. it was $30). i've noticed a huge difference in my oil production- i don't have as much. it really cleans your pores- it makes a HUGE difference!

Nov 09, 2011

Jo S.

I'm going to echo the concealer recommendation. I do that very thing - spot cover with concealer, then do the rest of the face with a light/medium foundation. Not sure if my colors will help you (although I know my foundation is Tarte 04 in the Age Defy type), but if you want I can check on them and post later.

Lately I've been more on a start with the foundation as in your skin. Do you know what's causing your redness? I have Roscea and so I've avoid things like harsh facial scrubs and chemicals that I know I'm sensitive to. By knowing what makes me skin red and minimizing it that way I found that using BB cream in conjunction with a mineral powder has helped a great deal in reducing how red my skin is.

My own skin care routine is pretty basic right now, and keep in mind I do change it up every so often. I wash my face with a gentle facial cleanser, using an exfoliating scrub once a week (I was using Rare Minerals cleanser for a long time until I ran out and haven't bought any under the Bare Minerals label). Because I signed up for Test Tube and Birchbox I received lots of products to try so I'm bouncing right now between samples. Once a week I also do a deep peel using Artistry's Intensive Skin Peel ($99) which I got for free at a seminar. The peel is suppose to be every three days but with how sensitive my skin is I don't risk it and in fact the first time I used it I broke out in a major rash. There are less expensive peels out on the market to try.

I use a moisturizer three times a day - once in them morning after I wake up and wash my face, once after I shower and once in the evening before bed after I cleaned my face.

You could always try BB cream and mix that with your foundation and see if that helps.

Oh and the mineral foundation I'm currently using is from Coastal Scents. It's the Exotic Skin sample size which I paid under $5 and it's lasted a long time.

Nov 09, 2011

Yumi R.

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation! It gives such great coverage without looking heavy. And you can build up the coverage. It's the best thing I've found for redness. I actually use it as a concealer but it is a foundation.

Nov 09, 2011

Joyce S.

I recommend Rachel K's CC Cream. It is essentially a BB cream and neutralizes redness very well!

Nov 16, 2011

Elizikk Y.

Try the Estee Lauder doublewear foundation. I have combination skin and I use the Colorstay a lot. The doublewear foundation hydrates my skin, but keeps it completely matte(even before I set it with loose powder). I do have acne scarring/redness and it covers 95% of it. 

Redness can be a pain to cover if you don't know what products to use. A lot of the ideas here are good ones to try and you are right, full coverage foundations will make your foundation look a little thick. I recommend that you try a face primer that is also a corrector for redness. Some example are the Smashbox face primer in green which run about $38.

You could also try the L'Oreal Studio Secrets corrector in green which is a little cheaper depending on where you get it, between $10 - $13. Target has a nice price on this product.

Green correctors are excellent for helping to cover redness in the skin. Many primers under foundation help to control for oiliness and mattify the skin as well. I suggest you consider primers as a start to correcting many of the issues you mentioned.


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