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BitchSlap Cosmetics outted AGAIN!!!

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For those wondering about the company or interested in the safety of the products .They just can't catch a break they deserve one??? I know all about the company,previous drama BUT I'm quite interested in hearing what has to be said by Ms. Tymethenfamous herself. She is a ball of awesomeness and very original may I add. Look for her on YouTube. She was recently added to the list of promoters but within less than a blink of an eye has quit and she has a very important message for anyone inquiring about the company. Is this a case of another bitch bites the dust or is bitchslap about to be bitchslapped by there own drama???? You decide.

i tried to find her on yt but her name isnt coming up?????

"Tymetheinfamous" on YouTube and Tymethe1nfamous on Twitter.hope that helps hun.

Nov 02, 2011

Cameron R.

I remember reading about them and also watching a video or two from Nikki20Six, and I am just thankful I never purchased anything from them. Marking up your products over two-fold what they are worth, and they are not even safe? Damn shame.

Nov 02, 2011

Allison G.

Unfortunately I own some of their pigments that I purchased about 2 years ago

Nov 02, 2011

Arianna R.

I heard all the drama from that company, and real talk im kinda pissed because all the negative attention its getting really makes me weary as a consumer. I don't want to order from the after reading all I have...and they have products I really would like too!

To be completely honest!!!. I have defended them in the past but one of there promoters Naya got a post on her fb page asking if the products were safe. Of course she lied and said oh yes EVERYTHING IS SAFE. BULLSHIT!!!!. so I inboxed the girl and was really nice and told her some of the products are and some aren't. I said I own a catalog as well and if you tell me what you purchased I will let you know if it is safe or not. Well this chick writes Naya saying I was calling her names an an all kinds of drama so Naya writes me then blocks me on fb then writes a post about I'm stalking her,and talking bad about her. lol Really??? LIKE I CARE, I told the truth chick,were not friends in real life I'm just a fan of your work.It's funny because when they get caught with there .pants down somebody is always hating in them. End of story I hope that girls eye gets infected an falls out for being so ignorant. They are a shady company but they so have the right one because if I wanted to be a b***h I would go straight to the FDA and report the owner an supply them with the products that I own of BSC. In the end there gonna be shut down. Kathy cares about money not peoples health. 

Nov 02, 2011

Arianna R.

its just sad to see things go down like that in a company. but for real they cant just be about the money you know ,like you own a company you have people who you employ,and consumers not to mention fans who have never owned products but have heard good things. it was bad from the beggining you know. but really lying about the safety of a product is ridiculous! how can you do that to the people who support you!?!?!

Nov 02, 2011

Arianna R.

and how rude that girl was to you Keshonta! RUDE! some people, i swear.

@Arianna I know but it is what it is. Anything built on a lie will fail. All its gonna take is for one little girl to order there products and her eye gets damaged and one Big ass lawsuit to shut them down. I welcome the day. Her promoters are just as responsible

Nov 02, 2011

Bettina J.

It's a good thing I saw Tyme's tweet because I had stuff in a shopping cart ready to go! =( 

@smashly EXACTLY!!!, @ BETTINA :(

Jun 02, 2013

Joyce T.

I know I'm super late

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