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Revlon: Colorstay Foundation vs Colorstay Whipped

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Jul 04, 2012

Marilyn C.

Which one do you prefer and why? I love both but prefer the original Colorstay Foundation. Both have great staying power but the original will last flawless for more time. The original have spf 6 and Colorstay Whipped doesn't have spf. About the application, it seems to me that the Whipped is more easy to apply but I have to admit that the original have more coverage. So, for all that reasons my HG foundation keeps being Revlon Colorstay original foundation. I use the combination/oily skin formula in 250 fresh beige. I would love to hear your opinions about these great foundations.

Jul 05, 2012

Crystal C.

I love the Relvon colorstay besides other popular makeup brands that is 1 of my go to staples.

Jul 06, 2012

jen s.

I love the colorstay because I have oily combination skin and it's great at controlling the oil on my t zone. with the whipped I find I have to apply setting powder to make sure I'm not oily

Jul 06, 2012

Steph M.

i havent tried the regular colorstay, but i own the whipped. i usually have a hard time finding perfect foundations because most give me dry patches and flake on me, even with moisturizer. but with the whipped, i have to say i literally fell in love! its so creamy and soft on the skin! i love it and highly recommend it! only thing i dont like is the packaging. its gorgeous, but not practical. its kinda hard to use a brush with it, and for me i get a better finish when i use my fingers, but as we all know, that causes bacteria. so its bittersweet, but a really nice product.

I've heard that the colorstay whipped is like golden.. like glitter sparkles in it, where as the regular one only is more matte

Jul 08, 2012

Jaclyn S.

ive only tried the whipped version and i LOVE IT!! even in 100 degree whether it stays.
it blends, its creamy, and i just lalalalalove it

emilynoel83 on youtube has a great video about the whipped and she compares it to the colorstay. She basically says the whipped is lighter coverage.

Jul 12, 2012

Marilyn C.

Thanks for your opinions girls :)

Sep 06, 2012

Yesenia P.

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped does not have glitters in it. The Revlon PhotoReady foundation does look like it has glitter in it.. 

Sep 06, 2012

Shelly T.

I believe Photoready (liquid) does have glitter or some sort of shine particles in it. (Not sure about the airbrush mousse version.)

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